How to download sims 4 for free



The Sims series is a popular, life-inspiring video game developed by Maxis and published by the popular digital platform Electronic Arts in the year of 2014. After one-year, other online platforms got this popular game series. Although the first version of the game was released in 2014, the publisher did not hesitate to release a new version every year due to its popularity. the new version is much more updated than the original. After watching the popularity of the first version, its developers Maxis and publisher EA have not given up. They had continued to provide various free DLC updates, game packs, nine-large expansion packs, game packs to attract more gamers which have been able to bring the game to the forefront in a more innovative way.

Why ‘Sims’ series game got huge popularity

‘Sims’ series allows its players to control the whole environment. Through its build/buy mode, this live stimulating video game manages the entire neighborhood of the Yard Landscaping. It can create the whole building and the rooms. The build and buy process of this new game version is powered by a very simple tool. Older versions only have 2 basic worlds that allow access to 21 house lots. Older Games has maintained its popularity for almost 8 years. The new versions of the game allow gamers to access a variety of worlds including the college town of Britechester which is recently added.

The Sims 4 is the latest version of the popular life stimulating game series ‘Sims’. Now, this is an available completely free version on most of the digital platform. So that gamers can get more fun, it’s a fun game. So, everyone from the youngest to the oldest can easily download sims 4 free and play it. The publisher first published a PC version of this game series and then decided to publish it on other platforms after seeing it so popular.

The procedure of downloading The Sims 4

First, you have to download the base game from it’s the official website of the publisher, which is mainly EA’s version of Steam. You can get all the third-party games of EA such as Anthem, Apex Legends, and Butterfield. For downloading the game, you need to open the homepage and need to click on the download link that you will find on the left corner of the home page. The base version works on both Mac and PC.

Once you have downloaded it, you need to find out the page of Sims 4. On this page, you can find the basic version of the free game. You have to keep in mind that the basic version of the game doesn’t come with other downloadable content. So, if you find the free version you need to find out the basic version of the game only.

Playing alone is never fun, so developers have also included numerous social features such as the ability to export/import sims, lots, rooms via the built-in Gallery tool. The game does not support real-time multiplayer with other players around the world. Players can only share their creations. The Sims 4 represents the best way to transport you into another virtual world.

In a Nutshell

You can enjoy the game daily. Start your day with a fresh breakfast like a bowl full of cornflakes then you can have a long gaming session by playing sims 4. Cornflakes are healthy and you should know the actual reason that why were corn flakes invented. You can not play for a long with empty stomach so its better to have it and enjoy your day.