How to Deal With Cyberbullying in Online Gaming

Cyberbullying in Online Gaming

Cyberbullying in Online Gaming

As more and more online games have allowed gamers to connect and interact with each other, it’s been a sad truth that this has also caused a rise in cyberbullying in online games.

Whether it be from toxic chat rooms, harmful teasing and discrimination in multiplayer games, or any unwanted interaction that happens amongst players, cyberbullying is indeed an important issue that needs to be given more attention.

And if you’re a gamer, it’s unfortunate that there could be a situation where you may be cyberbullied or be around someone who’s cyberbullying. That’s why we’ve created a short guide on ways one could help deal with cyberbullying in online gaming.

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Now, let’s go back to addressing cyberbullying and the steps you can take to address it.

  1. Talk to the bully in private or send him/her a personal message

The very first thing you need to do once you’re faced with a cyberbully is to confront that person and tell him or her to stop. This is best done privately, so as to not escalate the situation, so it may be wise to send this person a personal message (whether it be in-game if he or she’s a stranger or on an outside messaging platform if you know this person).

The main thing is that you should communicate to this person that what he or she’s doing is not okay and that they should not cross your boundaries.

  1. Report the player in question

Now, whether the bully owns up to his or her mistake should not stop you from reporting this person in-game. Many games have a built-in report system that tells the game developers that a certain player has violated rules (such as committing cyberbullying).

This is a good step to make the person feel that what they’ve done is inappropriate and wrong. Cyberbullying, in any shape or form, after all, should not be condoned, even in games.

  1. Tell your fellow players that this person’s bothering you

If you’re playing in a friend group or you’re playing with in-game teammates, it would also be a good idea to tell them that the bully is crossing the line. They may be able to help address the issue and tell this person off, especially if he or she continues to bully you.

  1. Share it with your family, friends, or loved ones

This is an important step. If someone out there is cyber bullying you, you should not face this issue alone. Tell your best friend, your sibling, your parents, tell someone. Being cyberbullied is hard enough and experiencing it all by your lonesome should never be an option.

We all need a little help sometimes and being around people who support you will undoubtedly level the playing field and hopefully make the issue less daunting to face.

  1. Ignore the bully and don’t give them any attention

Another way you can deal with a cyberbully is to simply ignore them. Chances are, these people are cyberbullying because they want attention. Be that person who doesn’t pay any mind as you do not deserve any form of bullying whatsoever.

Ignoring the person may help in making the cyberbully stop after he or she realizes that you are unaffected by whatever he or she says.

  1. Block the cyberbully

Last, and definitely, not least you should block the cyberbully. Even if he or she is someone you know, games are supposed to be a place to have fun. Therefore, it is no place for cyberbullying to take place.

Blocking them allows you to protect your peace and enjoy your online games the way they should be enjoyed—safely and with no fear of being prejudiced, judged, or bullied.

And there we have a few ways on how you can deal with cyberbullies if you’re put in a situation where you encounter one. Remember, games are supposed to be fun and you should never allow any bully to take this fun away from you.