Cook Up A Storm

I just finished watching Food Wars and it got me thinking how amazing it is to hone a knife like that. Knowing how to fry some crispy fish and tossing large amounts of salad like that! I wish I had the skills to wow people with my culinary expertise but I am not a novice. Cooking is a difficult thing for amateurs and taking the first step takes courage. My determination is strong so I am ready to take that first step!

How It All Started

One month has passed and I will share with you my dive into the cooking games world. I wanted to be good at such cooking city games, therefore, I decided to take a step. My good friend Jim recommended that I start with a wonderful cooking game app, Cooking Crush. This game was published by Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. I promptly downloaded this kitchen game and set off on my journey.

Breaking The Ice

The game took some time to download since my internet was bad but I took a sigh of relief when I found out that Cooking Crush is an offline game. I opened the cooking madness game and was directed to the loading screen. I had to tilt my phone because the game runs in landscape mode. A colorful set of characters (customers) entered my virtual restaurant. The first level was a tutorial for the rest of the game. I followed each and every instruction of my mentor and successfully prepared crunchy toast and a steaming cup of caffeine enriched beverage.

Look At Me Now

This gave me a lot of confidence and I kept playing Cooking Crush with great zeal. Moving on to higher levels, the game heated up. The customers now started coming in at a greater speed and I realized I would have to rush their orders while keeping the food at highest quality. Now, it was not just about toast and coffee, I had to prepare other types of dishes like submarine sandwiches, fish, ice cream, pizza pies, spicy tikkas, cakes and much more.

Reflecting Over A Pan Of Oil

I will be honest, I was very intimidated at first but with hard work I managed to cook all these dishes successfully. The step by step process has helped me learn how to prepare these dishes not only in the virtual setting of the game but in real life as well. Only yesterday did I bake myself a delicious pizza pie with pepperoni on top. The melted cheese and crackling thyme lingered on my taste buds. Who would have thought that I, someone who could not tell butter from cheese, would be able to cook such a scrumptious and fulfilling meal!

Many More Scallions To Chop!

Even though I have learned quite a many recipes, there are still various dishes left for me to master. Cooking Crush has allowed me to cook in 10 different virtual restaurants:

  1. Crème Café
    1. Dream Deli
    1. Salty Taverna
    1. Party Parlor
    1. Rockin’ Diner
    1. Crazy Cantina
    1. Donut Den
    1. Tandoori Treasure
    1. Perfect Pie
    1. Cake Corner

Each restaurant has been a key component in expanding my knowledge about food and the cultures that birth such unique cuisines.

Furthermore, playing this game has meant that I have contributed to feeding hungry children in real life. Proceeds from Cooking Crush go to So far, 45,000 meals have been delivered worldwide!

Onions Can Make You Cry

Life can be hard at times but we must keep going on. Flowmotion co-founders, Ryan and Dario, are mindful of their players’ mental health and have developed Daily Happiness Challenges or help them cope. In-game money will be offered upon completion of tasks like smiling, deep breathing and being thankful.

Will I Toss Or Eat This Salad?

This month has been full of unique experiences. When I first started playing Cooking Crush, I did not expect much from it. I thought that I would learn a few names and get familiarized with some ingredients used in the kitchen but while playing this game, my stance changed. Cooking Crush has helped me learn cooking and if you want to be a novice at well, then download this kitchen game now