A New Way To Play Star Wars Legion



Fantasy Flight Games created Star Wars Legion, a war game that is skirmish in nature. In 2021, development has shifted to a different production company, which also creates Disney’s other model game. The game might be two-dimensional at times but with a brand-new structure, you can experience it in a whole new way.

This new technique of playing shrinks the size of armies dramatically, allowing players to modify their playstyles and develop innovative new techniques The fundamental appeal of the game is that its movie characters have an influential existence on the battleground each with its own set of abilities. You can shop for Star Wars Legion miniatures at their website to learn how these fierce, smaller-scale battles change the battlefield dynamic.

What Are The Rules of The Game?

In Star Wars Legion, an army is built as per the four movie factions: Galactic Republic, Rebel Alliance, Confederacy of Independence Systems, or Galactic Empire. Accordingly, you make a record of soldiers, characters, and automobiles found in any Star Wars movie to use as units. Ultimately, you must assemble a layer of six Command Cards, which provide tremendous one-time-only abilities. The cards can vary from general cards that anybody can utilize to commander-specific abilities.

You can decide on which mission, deployment, and battlefield condition cards you want in the last step of building a list. Similarly, you choose four of each, and three will be randomly selected so that you can choose from them. As there is some element of chance, there is also a strategic alternative in choosing a quest that your army excels at.

This new Star Wars Legion requires a three-foot by three-foot battlefield, using a new deck of battle cards optimized for a smaller layout of the game. After that, you and the other competitor analyze the point totals of both lists. The participant with the lowest score has a significant advantage because their cards are used to determine which deployment and mission are to be used in the game, and they can opt to start or be the last. After you have decided on everything, you create a map and organize your troop.

Each turn, both players play the command cards and issue commands depending on the information on their cards. Specific units close to the commander receive commands, and a gift is positioned beside them to symbolize the prevailing chaos of the battleground. The remainder of your troop’s tokens are scrambled in a bag or positioned randomly facing down in a stack.

After that, the players take turns, starting with the one who has the shortest pip card. When it is the player’s turn, they might choose a unit that has been assigned an order or pull one at random from their command pool for that session, up to six rounds. After turn six, a winner is determined by deducing who has the most triumph points as per the expectations, and a tie-break depending on who annihilated their opponent’s armies the most.

Picking A Side

You can decide which faction best suits your play style or simply looks the coolest by looking at the models. Both the Galactic Civil War and Clone Wars core sets come with a commander, two core soldiers, and a support unit, as well as different upgrades, command cards, unit cards, and battle deck cards. Skirmish is best defined as the light version that the game has, as it is an excellent location to learn the game’s principles, such as activation control and how to best use specific units. It is designed to be user-friendly, with a set of deployment, mission, and condition cards that are balanced around the smaller point total and table. The useful element about these combat cards is that they are extremely similar to their normal format equivalents, so you can figure out which ones to use in bigger games.

This new manner of playing Star Wars Legion delivers a truly cinematic experience. It is also a tactical challenge that is both profound and engaging. You must play to your strengths while exploiting your opponent’s weaknesses, focusing on their most dangerous threats and striking them where they are least able to defend themselves. Its conceptual depth naturally makes for a difficult game, and getting your mind around its procedures for carrying out orders and hitting opponents will take some time. For a strategic and operational Star Wars fan, however, this is a fascinating opportunity to familiarize yourself with the series’ heart-pounding combat.