Top 5 Reasons Why Celebrities Are Buying Fake You Tube Views

Connect With More Brands On YouTube

Connect With More Brands On YouTube

It will not be wrong to say that You Tube is perhaps the biggest platform to showcase your talent. And it is so effective that even big celebrities have started entering in search of a career. But the case is that matters have come up about how these celebs have started buying fake views!

You must have heard about the recent case about Badshah right? He was caught buying fake views for his music video! But why do they do so? Here are some possibilities – 


You may be shocked of this reason or may disprove of it. But being public in a short span of time is one of the biggest reasons why celebs are going for fake views.

Let me ask you a question. If someone comes to you and offers you a thousand followers on your Instagram account for only ten rupees, will you deny? Never. There is not a single human who will deny being famous within a fraction of second. Each and everyone wants quick publicity and they can go to any limits for that. This is why most of the celebs who opt to have a You Tube account try to buy views. They surely want quick publicity and buying views is the best option!


Growing on a platform like You Tube is no easy task. Leave behind growing, even survival on the platform becomes impossible for many!

You Tube is a very big perform and has millions of creators on it. So surviving becomes one hell of a task. And when you want to survive and grow on You Tube, you need to have views. You must have views on your videos to become a successful creator. Now who are these celebs? These are those people who have some talent and have shown it to the whole world. But does that mean that they will be successful easily? Nope. There are hundreds of others who have the same talent as these celebs.

Thus when these celebs come to You Tube, they get one hell of a competition from those who have already established themselves on You Tube. As a result, they buy views and subscribers to avoid these competitions. This is a simple method! Have a look at some of the sites selling these Youtube views and comments


The trending section is the biggest thing a You Tuber aims for and if you are on the trending section, you are one of the best!

So the biggest dream of every You Tuber is to be featured in the trending section. But what is the trending section? This is the place where the best videos are featured. And these videos become best after getting a lot of views. So you can say that views matter a lot for any video. You can take the example of the recent scenario of the result of the upcoming Bollywood movie Sadak 2. It has set the record for the most disliked You Tube video but is still trending on the first spot. 

And this has happened only because of its views. A lot of views have taken it to the Numero Uno spot. And this is why the celebs on You Tube buy views. It is because when you have views, you will be on the trending section and when you are on the trending section, more and more people will see you!


Almost about 85% of the creators on You Tube are the for their livelihood. They are on You Tube to make money and these creators include these celebs as well.

You will see two types of celebrities on You Tube. The first type includes those people who are You Tube celebrities. These are the people who started their career on You Tube and became celebrities and they really need to promote their channel on Youtube. Then there are the second type of people who entered You Tube as celebs. These are the people who had a career in either films or albums. But they shifted to You Tube after they saw their downfall in their own sector. 

Now most of the creators who buy views being to the second category. Why? Let me give an example. Take the case of Badshah, the famous Bollywood singer. To make a living, he entered You Tube. But he was sure to face a lot of competition from those who either rap better than him or have been on You Tube earlier. As a result, he had to buy views to attract audience! And this is the reason.

  1. For A Start

But everyone buying views has a negative mind-set. There are many who do so for getting a start.

There are celebs who entered the world of You Tube for a living. But for a good career, they need a good channel. And for a good channel, they need a kick start. Hence they had to buy views. So you can say that celebs may have bought views for a start. But we can’t be sure right?

These were a few possible reasons why celebs buy views on You Tube. Adios!