21 Smart Ways To Promote Your Channel On Youtube



YouTube is one of the most visited websites in today’s time. It also offers an exciting way to make money online. Today many people are creating YouTube Channels and they post regular content to attract more people. This helps them in earning some money and gaining popularity. However, making a YouTube channel is not enough, its marketing is equally important to increase the subscribers.

Here are 21 ways that you can use to promote your YouTube channel –

1. SEO your channel

You can do some keyword research to bring your videos to the searches. The ranking on YouTube is as important as it is in the case of Google search. You can make use of the various YouTube ranking factors, descriptions, and tags to apply the SEO to your channel.

2. Make Compelling Titles

You must spend some time deciding the title for your video. Add keywords in the title, keep it short and crisp,  and at the same time descriptive enough to attract visitors.

3. Create resonating thumbnails

Adding thumbnails is a powerful way to attract an audience and make your YouTube channel popular. Add relevant thumbnails with short descriptions and images that help people understand what your video is all about. Thumbnails should be about to catch the attention of your audience.

4. Include Call to Action

The call to action at the end of the video is very helpful in engaging the audience. It should be used correctly and smartly; otherwise, it may sound irritating. You can create an Outro at the end of the video seeking CTA. You can use any outro maker to create an impactful Outro. 

5. Keep the videos shorter

Making short videos that contain useful and to-the-point content is another strategy, which you can try. People sometimes lose interest while watching long videos and leave them in-between. Therefore, avoid boring introductions and keep the audience engaged with relevant content.

6. Promote your YouTube channel and not only videos

You need to promote your channel, not just your videos. You can ask the audience to subscribe to your YouTube channel and in order to get more subscribers on YouTube, you can check this Venturebeat guide. You can mention your other related videos so that users feel compelled to visit your channel to watch your other videos. If the audience finds your videos impressive, they will subscribe to your channel.

7. Take advantage of the holidays

The holidays, trends, and popular movies offer an excellent opportunity to gain more audience. Try to post more and relevant content during holiday seasons. This strategy will surely help you in gaining more audience.

8. Find out what the audience needs

YouTube analytics help you understand the kind of content your audience is searching for. Also, try to know more about your audiences, such as the age group, the language they speak, and the kind of content they are looking for on YouTube. This will help you understand the content you should post to attract more audience.

9. Collaborate with some popular Channels

If you want an audience that has not even heard of you, then collaboration with other channels is your way to go. Cross-promotion is one of the best ways to increase your subscribers and audience. You can also generate social proof by getting famous YouTubers to vouch for you.

10. Add interesting introductions

An Introduction is the prime part of a YouTube video. This is because the introduction decides whether your video will be watched by viewers or not. So grab the attention of your audience with charming introductions. You can check www.videocreek.com/make/youtube-intro-maker to create attractive intros for your video.

11. Promote  on other Social Media Apps

If you have a huge fan following on any social media website or app, you can take help from these platforms to promote your YouTube channels. In the beginning, you can share your videos on social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, this cross-promotion will get you views and subscribers.

12. Take help from your Viewers

Viewers on YouTube can help you the most in promoting your channel as compared to other social media platforms. You can ask them to share your videos, and press the “subscribe” button to get notifications of your latest videos.

13. Leverage the Community Tab

The community tab plays a vital role while interacting with the audience. You can use it to post questions to your audience. The community tab allows creators to generate polls and post notifications, which attracts both visitors as well as subscribers.

14. Conduct a contest

Conducting a contest increases the activity on your YouTube channel. In addition to this, it also exposes you to new people and subscribers as most participants share their entries with their network

15. Post Content regularly

You should keep posting the videos regularly to keep the viewers engaged to your YouTube channel. Consistency surely pays off.

16. Create high-quality videos

Video quality plays a very crucial role because a poor quality video can outrage even the best content. So, it is suggested that you create videos with high quality. For this, you can use a good camera, with clear sound recording, and basic editing. If you are not good at editing, then check out the internet how to edit videos for YouTube and you will find tons of ways to edit videos. 

17. Try a Q&A session

To promote your channel, you can try one of the most effective ways, i.e., Q&A. Ask your audience to send you questions by email, comment, etc., and create a video addressing them. It will boost your view counts and watch time. Also, it can give you fresh content.

18. Complete your YouTube Profile

The very first thing that viewers see when they come to your YouTube channel is your profile. So, your profile must be able to impress the viewers at the first visit.

19. Content is important

If you want your audience to take an interest in your YouTube channel, then make sure that the content you post is fresh and entertaining. And the quality of the content must be excellent, which attracts the people towards your videos.

20. Go Live

Going Live is one of the best options to promote your YouTube channel because live videos take you to a new height of interacting with a new audience. So, you must try this to get the best results.

21. Be Active on your channel

YouTube is the second-largest online platform in the whole world, and you surely need to be an active part of it by continuously interacting with the audience to gain leverage here.