How To Connect With More Brands On YouTube? Here’s A Guide

Connect With More Brands On YouTube

Connect With More Brands On YouTube

Technology has rapidly evolved and has intimately integrated itself within diverse sectors. Marketing is amidst the domains completely revolutionized by its incorporation, as digital marketing has become the norm nowadays.

With digital marketing gaining significance, numerous social media platforms have emerged as the ideal marketing hub. One such platform is YouTube, and only Google rivals its prominence on the web. YouTube is just behind Google in the list of most significant search engines worldwide.

The platform’s enormous business opportunities are enough to attract numerous brands and businesses, eventually benefitting both of them. That is precisely why the platform houses millions of creators posting regular content. Such fierce competition is bound to dishearten anyone, but an ideal approach can make the task much more straightforward.

Connecting to prestigious brands on YouTube opens the gate of unforeseen opportunities for any brand, but it also requires the utmost attention and effort. However, do not falter, as here are the best tips on how to connect with brands on YouTube:

Optimize Your Videos

As mentioned above, the platform proposes millions of channels for viewers to choose from, so your content needs to stand out. This can only be achieved by producing videos optimized for the platform. Here is how you can do so:

Choose Apt Keywords for The Title

A suitable title with the right keywords can skyrocket your views, attract brands, and viewers towards your channel. However, while doing so, ensure that the title is not misleading or a clickbait. Nobody likes clickbait, so you should refrain from using them as well.

Make sure that the video title ranges between 60-70 characters as search engine algorithms prefer so. After preparing a decent title, it is time to develop an attractive thumbnail.

Preparing an attractive thumbnail

You can use a still frame from your videos as the thumbnail; however, it is not recommended. Spend some time and prepare a customized thumbnail with a YouTube thumbnail maker free online that suits your video’s purpose as well.

A thumbnail, if done well, can work wonders for your videos. You can trigger the human mind by adding vibrant colors and shapes, or you can opt for a more intuitive approach.

Utilize the video description

YouTube allows you to market your videos with short descriptions, and you must use it optimally. Your video description can include a brief explanation of the video alongside your social media links and hashtags. 

Given below are some pointers for the perfect video description:

  • Do not use more than 5,000 characters
  • Use the keywords twice
  • Write a comment with all the essential timestamps
  • Add 14-15 relevant hashtags

Make Family-Friendly Content

No brand would associate itself with a controversial entity, so refrain from swearing and showing vulgar content on your channel. YouTube guidelines strictly prohibit the same, and other than setting a lousy brand prestige, you can lose valuable monetization as well.

Several prominent YouTubers have suffered from controversies, where one wrong step has cost them millions of dollars, along with a bad reputation. It is recommended that you stay aloof from controversies and anything that can dent your business’s image.

You can prepare esteemed slideshows in the start to learn about your audience’s taste. For the same, you might wonder, does windows 10 have a slideshow maker? Do not worry as you can obtain a reliable solution online as well. If you need some help in making those slideshows then check this slideshow video maker by Intro Maker.

Research Your Demographic

YouTube has made it simple for channels to assess their demographics, valuable insights, and viewers’ behavior. A quick look through your analytics can show you every relevant statistic regarding your channel. 

After evaluating your demographics and watch time, you will get vital information like the most-viewed videos, your audience’s age group, and the most active subscribers. When you possess such information, you can reshape your marketing approach accordingly.

Doing so will undoubtedly improve your reach, eventually attracting brands and sponsors. 

Follow an Upload Pattern

It would be best if you always refrained from randomly posting videos, as it can severely hinder your audience reach. When you follow a fixed schedule, your audience becomes accustomed to it, and even waits for your next upload.

So you should follow a fixed upload pattern, be it daily, weekly, or every three days. Moreover, you can use the community post section to engage with the viewers and give hints regarding the upcoming upload. 

Another useful tactic is premiering the video live as the YouTube algorithm notifies the audience twice in such scenarios. Once at the time of your initial premiere setup, and again at the time the video releases. This is beneficial compared to the standard video release since YouTube merely sends one notification for them.

Use CTAs (Call-to-Actions)

Including CTAs within your videos will undoubtedly increase user engagement, but you need to avoid overusing it. Adding multiple CTAs in one video can turn off the viewers as it would seem like the channel only values views and not the content. 

Additionally, you need to associate simple tasks with the CTAs, like subscribe or share. Redirecting them to other platforms can backfire, so use the tool wisely.

Optimize the Channel

Optimizing the channel is an entirely different story than optimizing the videos, but it is vital. No brand will approach a channel with low user-engagement and an incomplete profile. Therefore, you should make some efforts and optimize your channel.

You can do so by:

Filling the YouTube Profile

You can start optimizing your channel by filling the given details:

  1. A keyword-filled bio
  2. An attractive channel banner
  3. Social media links
  4. Contact information and location
  5. Links to subsidiary channels, if any

Preparing Playlists

A YouTube playlist capitalizes on your viewers’ binge phase as it runs your customized video list on a loop. However, this does not mean that you can do a half-hearted job since it can quickly repel a new viewer.

Try curating relevant videos and ensure that the transition from one video to another is not extreme. The playlist titles are another opportunity for you to add keywords, so make the most out of it.

Many viewers look to download youtube to mp3 converter, so try adding some mp3 content on your channel.

Adding Captions in Different Languages

Stop language from acting as a barrier, and use it to attract more audience and brands. The majority of the viewers will leave your channel if the content is not understandable to them. 

Therefore, you must research your analytics and add relevant subtitles to your videos. More importantly, this can also attract foreign brands to your channel, providing viable sponsorship opportunities.


YouTube has emerged as the ultimate video-sharing platform on the web, thus attracting reputed brands and sponsors towards it. As YouTube proposes countless growth prospects, every rational business intends to grow big on the platform. 

Any business can flourish on the platform by incorporating the provided tips. So, be smart about your approach and try implementing the tips mentioned above.