5 Types of writing errors you should avoid making

If you are into the writing profession, then you can understand the importance of well-written articles for sure. But sometimes you would be dealing with several writing errors which you should avoid making while writing any content. Are you looking for those 5 types of errors that you need to avoid in your content? If yes, then let’s go through those writing errors right now!

Incorrect verb forms

Wrong – I done the homework

Right – I did the homework

Most writers always face this type of writing error and try their best to overcome it. It would be better for you to understand that the irregular verb forms are one of the harder grammar concepts to master and also for native speakers. Many of the writers are continuously using irregular forms without even noticing it. Make sure you are using correct web forms while writing contents for your blog or websites

Many prepositional phrases

Wrong – The caravan came over the top of the hill

Right – The caravan crested the hill

You should note that prepositional is those words that most of the time come before nouns and pronouns to show location, time, and direction. We have two prepositional phrases in the first sentence – of the hill and over the top.  Too many prepositional phrases render your writing wordy. To improve your writing skills, you can use Grammarly premium for free right now.

Incorrect use of lay/lie

Wrong – Ram was laying on the couch

Right – Ram way lying on the couch

If you are planning to place or putting an object somewhere such as a plate on a table, then you need to use “Lay” instead of “Lie”. It would be better for you to understand that the word “lie” is an intransitive verb, which means there is no need to use an object. The verb “lay” needs an object. Most of the writers always misuse these verbs but it will take some time to get used to this “Lay or Lie” for sure. 

Comma Splices

Wrong – He was very hungry, he ate a whole pizza

Right – He was very hungry. He ate a whole pizza

Splice means to join or connect. Whenever you join two independent sentences with the help of a comma instead of separating them with a coordinating conjunction or period, then it is known as a comma splice. You should note that the comma has its works to do, but connecting two independent sentences is not one of those works. You can use grammar checker to avoid grammar mistakes.

Inflated sentences

Wrong- It has been found that your tax returns are overdue and we request you to file them as soon as possible. 

Right – Your tax returns are overdue. Please file them now

If you are saying something to your readers, then you need to spit it out figuratively. You should avoid using inflating sentences with meaningless words that can only muddle whatever you are trying to say. Your readers will get frustrated by going through your wordy sentences for sure. Always streamline your sentences by using nouns and verbs instead of using adverbs.