WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero is a version of the messaging application, a MOD it provides you much more freedom of customization, it is truly flexible when it comes to modifying aesthetic aspects and the most amazing thing is that it manages to include new functions:

  • Permits you to replace the interface design
  • The 2 blue popcorn are hidden
  • You will see you visited your profile
  • You can modify the font of the lyrics all of your chat individually.
  • It permits you to share file formats that the application itself does not permit without Aero.
  • Here you can hide your internet status
  • Those who send you a message cannot remove it.
  • You can make and add new emojis

Extra features

  • A spec like inbuilt locker is accessible in WhatsApp Aero so that you can lock your chats without using any extra lock application.
  • The anti-revoke message and status specs are also accessible which is used when someone removes a status or message, we can see that.
  • WhatsApp Aero has excellent privacy choices as well as the security system.
  • We can restore as well as backup the data on WhatsApp Aero.
  • WhatsApp Aero is best for people who use WA for sending a big number of pictures and top standard v videos.

The modified version of the application does forever provide more specs than the real applications. No exception WhatsApp. If you are tired of using general WhatsApp, you can try this modified edition of WhatsApp.

With all the benefits of other specs offered in the APK Aero MoD, you can send messages and communicate quicker and more easily.

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In order to use this modification WhatsApp app you have to use a cell phone number that is different from the number you used for your real WhatsApp. WhatsApp is also accessible in clone version, so if you want to use WhatsApp this modification and WhatsApp real at once cannot uninstall one.

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Is it recommended to have WhatsApp Aero?

Although the developers of this application claim that they have an anti-gang system, you should consider that WhatsApp Aero it is a unofficial edition, so although each spec is amazing, it is forever advised to be patient and wait for updates to the official version, and even more so because with EuroXlive Kit you have this and all your social network unlimited.