What is GB Whatsapp? How is it different from Whatsapp?

People around the world use Whatsapp, but you’ve never heard of GB Whatsapp and know what is the difference between this app and the original Whatsapp. Let us tell you about these two applications today, so it’s easy to use. GB is a WhatsApp messaging application that is the new version of Whatsapp. The biggest difference between these two is that you get more features than Whatsapp in the GB Whatsapp Web. Join us to understand what is GB Whatsapp? And the difference between GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp later!

What is GB Whatsapp?

Whatsapp GB

Whatsapp GB

In GB Whatsapp, you can share 90 photos at the same time/Ph.fasrpackage

Like Whatsapp in WhatsApp GB, you can share messages, photos, audio videos, and files with anyone. In addition, with the help of this application, you can also group chat. Everyone knows Gbwhatsapp by the name of the Ogmods app. In this application, you can create a Broadcast of 600 contacts, while WhatsApp can initially create a broadcast of only 250 people.

In GB Whatsapp, you can share 90 photos at the same time, while normal WhatsApp has a lower limit. In addition, Last, Seen can also be printed for specific Contacts. In Gbwhatsapp you will find different colored themes. In addition, 16 new Icons can be used for Message Notifications.

The features of GB Whatsapp are superior to Whatsapp

Here are some of the great features of GBWhatsApp that you can install and use on your Android device and use the features listed below. With this app, you will find many great features like hidden scenes, other hidden checkmarks, blue tick marks and more. Enjoy the free GB Whatsapp download App and just enjoy it in your device. You can also install custom themes in this app or you can customize this app for your favorites.

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Based on the latest version of Whatsapp 2.18.327

Swipe to answer the group call

Active sticker

Continue with anyone who doesn’t have any other messages.

Enable frontline limit for Indian users

Learn the history of deleted messages with contact/group profiles.

Change the media display mode of specific contacts in the library.

Mark as a message to read from the guide.

You can select all chats at once on this app’s main screen.

Turn on locked voice recording to send long voice messages without touching the audio icon.

Get notified about canceled messages. Other people don’t want to see them.

You can play watts videos with your favorite music player.

You can now read the details of the group, such as the normal status in the title.

Additional payment options – Pay your friends through your bank account.

The specified option has been added to specify the name of the person in the group.

Automatic answering feature – Automatically set up replies when you’re busy. Additionally, you can now exclude groups or contacts by auto-replying.

Many attributes of the group have been added.

Whatsapp GB

Added new emoji support/Ph.DevsJournal

You can enable Internet disabled mode in GBWhatsApp.

Send text messages to groups.

You can filter the message when you delete the chat.

Notice of reciprocity

Direct location enabled, shared with your friends.

Add effects to photos/videos when sending.

Discard many WhatsApp messages together

Send 100 documents instead of 30

Added emoticons and new gif search

Call the phone number

Automatically download media only for specific groups/contacts.

Integrated Message Planner – Now you can schedule a VIP message from this app.

Hide privacy on viewing status

Added option for a hidden chat, save status / story.

Added new emoticons

Video call widget is now active.

Send up to 50 MB of video.

Name the group 35 characters.

Fixed various errors while sending video.

You see your last green tick, another one, enter your message and hide it often.

You can also copy other people’s states to your clipboard.

You can send Broadcast messages to over 600 people at once.

You can enter a status of 255 instead of 139 characters without any problems

Support nearly 100 languages

Easily change themes by going to theme options

Stay online for 24 hours (use more battery)

No conflicts, originals can be created with whitefried

There are no restrictions

Create your Whatsapp design and send it to GBWhatsApp

Send 90 photos for one click instead of 10 images

Click the link without saving the contact in administrator and whatsapp and contact number

Ability to copy selected text from WhatsApp

You can also add keys to your GBWhatsApp without third party software

You can also change application icons and notification icons.

GB WhatsApp can also provide more features than Whatsapp. It is possible to expand that GBWhatsapp as an upgraded version of Whatsapp. You can now download this device to your device and enjoy its features. Hopefully the above sharing will help you better understand the difference between GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp.