Is SiteGround Webhosting being still the best choice?

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

In recent years the online era has come to the next level. There are many websites on the internet, and new websites are coming to this internet every day. But a good website needs good hosting. A great hosting option is SiteGround web hosting. SiteGround offers a long time and substantial uptime and excellent customer support, and you don’t need to look anywhere else for a dedicated windows server or VPS. So, keep reading about SiteGround reviews to find out more about this fantastic hosting site.

Some essential things that any people look for when finding the best hosting server. For example, suppose anyone is interested in personal use. In that case, they will look for the best pricing and storage option, while on the other hand, people are more like to have a business website looking for a server location and so on. Well, SiteGround has all the features that will help you fulfill all your requirements in any circumstances.

Shared web hosting

if you have a low budget, then going for shared web hosting is a great option. With the shared web hosting service, several websites are stuck in a single server. For this, the total cost of one server will divide into the website owners. As all the websites are relaying one the same and one and the only server, that means the overall compute and process for every website will be less.

SiteGround allows users to have the option to choose the location for the server that you intend to buy. There are many locations to choose from, like the united states (Chicago), Asia- Pacific (Singapore), Australia, and many more. If your users are mainly in Asia, you can choose the Asia server or default as Us server.

Cloud, not VPS

SiteGround no longer offers users VPS hosting, but now they feature cloud hosting. SiteGround has a Linux-based server that uses resources from a different server and maximizes the overall performance of the website. Its auto-scale with surges ensures that your website never gets down by a lack of power.

Four could host plans to choose from, like 80$ per month for 4 GB ram and 40 GB of total storage. It also includes the 5TB of data transfer. You can also max out by purchasing 240$ per month for 10GB of Ram and 120 GB of storage with 5TB of data transfer in a month. There is also room for any customizable planning options.

WordPress Webhosting

Like all other popular hosting websites, SiteGround offers WordPress hosting. SiteGround also has features to optimize your overall WordPress website and enable features like enhanced security, auto cache options, daily backups, automatic content management system, and a lot more. It also offers a one-click auto account transfer. SiteGround provides a significant discount in every signup. There are so many plans to choose from, and all the planes are similar to the regular plans.

SiteGround also offers a large number of handy WordPress plugins that enable users to enhance the full WordPress site’s creativity. WordPress starter walks you through some of the creative and most used themes that make your site overall beautiful and more user friendly. WordPress migrator lets you import all the data from your previous website to the new website in just one click. There is also SiteGround Optimizer, which enables users to add the Super Cache feature and enhance the overall site experience. Once you log in to the SiteGround WordPress setup page, you can create posts, manage all the things, and manage all the galleries as you could do any self-hosted word press website.