What is Responsive Design and why does my site need it?

What is Responsive Design and why does my site need it?

What is Responsive Design and why does my site need it?

What would you do when you open a desktop-friendly scenario from your mobile? You need to pinch the screen for zooming it. You do not like to do it every time you visit the website. To solve this problem, Google announced an update to its search engine algorithms. Besides, the mobile-friendliness of a website would be one of the ranking factors. It turns to the innovation of responsive design. The responsive websites are user-friendly for both desktop and smartphone users. Besides, without a responsive interface design, you have a chance of losing out on sales and leads.

What is a Responsive Design?

A responsive web design makes a single website adjustable to screens of different shapes and sizes. It is perfect to ensure the best mobile viewing experience. You do not need to create different versions of your website. There is one content source and one URL. Thus, you can build one website with a responsive interface to make it usable on both desktop and mobile platforms.

A responsive site has design elements, like-

  • Readable text- No need to zoom
  • No horizontal page scrolling
  • Much space is available to click on the target part

The number of mobile users has crossed 2 billion. Websites without a responsive UI can find lower search rankings. Hence, you can hire a reliable web development company USA to make the site responsive.

In the past, web developers used to create multiple platforms to make them compatible with diverse screen sizes. As the present market has several types of devices, this approach would be inefficient. Therefore, a responsive website design is not simply a trend. It indicates the shift in thoughts of web developers. Ethan Marcotte (a web designer) coined the term Responsive Web Design in 2010.

Responsive design- How does it work?

To convert a standard website into a responsive one, you need to write some additional codes.

You can set the performance parameters of your site to do modifications. It will add fluidity to the overall design. Thus, you can serve your users with a single website version. You need to transform the content and rearrange it for better viewability.

When you think of developing a new responsive website, your UI UX design company USA will choose a mobile-first approach. In this case, professional designers have to create the original design for the small mobile screen. When it is done, they will include the meta viewport tag, breakpoints, and CSS media queries, to scale them up.

WordPress website users need to choose a responsive theme. They have to check it by testing the site on a number of devices. When the test indicates that it is not a responsive theme, they have to pick some other alternatives. Moreover, the responsive WP sites will attract users and gain a higher rank in the organic SERP result.

Why should you create a responsive website design?

Ensure the best User Experience

A seamless, responsive web design has the potentials to give better feelings to users. Users may have opened your website from a tab, smartphone, desktop, and several other devices. They will not find performance issues with your site. When aiming for a responsive design, consider using the best responsive website builder to ensure optimal user experience across various devices.

A properly created responsive website loads its page faster. Thus, it is better than a standard mobile-friendly website. While analyzing multiple page-loading results, Google has found that delays and slow performance can affect user satisfaction. Consequently, a slow loading site prevents you from gaining new users. Moreover, there will be a negative effect on your user base.

Create a responsive website and make it more inviting to your target visitors. When your visitors get positive feelings, they will be back to your website repeatedly.

In this regard, we need to mention Core Web Vitals, which have become one of the ranking factors. When several web pages have similar content to answer the search query, the engine will display one that loads faster.

Make your SEO campaign more effective

The major advantage of creating a responsive website design is higher search engine rankings. Nowadays, Google focuses on this factor to rank a website in the organic search result. When your site is not responsive, it has a risk of losing its rank. To retain the best position on the SERP page, you may look for web designers.

Find a cost-effective solution

It would be costly to maintain separate websites for desktop and mobile audiences. By developing a responsive web design, you will save money. You do not need to pay an additional amount for your mobile sites. You have to invest in one site design to attract visitors using different devices.

Add scalability to your website

Responsive web design technologies provide you with the easiest way to make your site compatible with the latest devices. There are devices with different screen sizes and shapes. You will not need to be concerned about them to redesign your website.

Responsive sites are highly adjustable, and you can scale them up to fit the screen. To create a high-end website, your web design designer will make the interface responsive.

More traffic- More sales

By launching a responsive website, you will keep traffic coming. Further, the trend of shopping from digital platforms is on the rise. The responsive sites ensure a hassle-free browsing session for your visitors.

Thus, you will find a positive effect on your sales rate. Also, the content will be more sharable, resulting in an increasing number of potential customers.

Internet users visit social platforms every day. When your website visitors share your embedded links on those platforms, you will get high benefits. A slow-loading site will hamper your reputation. Thus, you must develop a fast-loading responsive site to retain your visitors.

No risk of duplicate content

In the case of two different website versions, you create duplicate content. Ultimately, it will lower the website rank, as search engines do not know about the relevancy of the content. To ensure a higher rank of both versions, you have to apply different SEO strategies. It will increase the overall marketing cost. You can avoid these problems by launching a responsive website.

Faster website development-

A few years ago, professional web developers needed to write codes separately for mobile websites and desktop platforms. But, now, they take less time to design a single responsive website. Hence, they will deliver and launch your website within the shortest time.

Easier web analytics

Analytical data about your website performance is highly important for your marketing campaign. When there are multiple versions of a site, developers need more than one conversion funnel. The web analytics about the source of traffic and visitors’ activities will be highly complicated. To remove the challenge, you can design a responsive site. You will not need to deal with multiple reports.

To conclude, it can be said that responsive websites are one of the major needs for your business. They help you to attract new potential customers and convince them to make deals. You can make your platform more reliable to the target audiences. Therefore, invest in a responsive website design for your business.

Author Bio:

Rushabh Patel is Founder and CEO of Siddhi InfoSoft, a web and mobile app development company focused on creating experiences that connect, perform & inspire. We believe in delivering perfect business solutions by adopting the latest.