Ways to Improve Your Website Design  

Website Designing

Website Designing

The importance of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing web design can be best explained by 73% of U.S companies that use web design to outmatch their competitors.

In case you still do not understand the importance of website design, talk to the 38% of users who exit a site if they do not find it engaging.

Acting as the website forefront, your website design represents your company to the customers, so it is critical to focus on the user experience and functionality.

Of course, you can find experts at Startstorez like WordPress Giants, Shopify Store development services who will throw the best possible design at a simple request. But if your business is your vision — it is critical to know about web design, as it is one of the most prominent aspects of a good website.

Scroll down to learn the ways to improve your website design.

Weave every aspect as per the style guide

A web design is only successful if every aspect of the website complements the other.

Be it Color scheme, Company logo and how to use it, Primary fonts (stick to two), How to use images on site pages, How not to use images on-site pages, Button layouts, Form field layouts, Page layouts, and more — everything should be worked out before.

Sometimes even the most beautiful aesthetics fail to impress because one aspect does not compliment the other.

Additionally, incorporate a Content Management System on your website; having one will help you change items like color, font, style efficiently.

Get rid of stocky images and confusing terminology.

Images are a critical part of any website. In fact, most users do not want to spend on a webpage with no fun elements like images and animation.

Most web admins understand this, but they use royalty-ridden images on the website.

Overflowing the content with unnecessary images isn’t going to help you.

Nor confusing the audience with complicated animations.

So, it is meaningful to get as simple as possible when using the images.

Include social share and follow buttons

Add social share toogless as a proof of your liveliness.

It builds trust. In fact, studies indicate that websites with good social media backing and real testimonials seem trustworthy to the audience. And there is a good chance that they are going to purchase the product.

Incorporate calls-to-action with proper functionality

Call-to-action is the barrier that stops many users from purchasing the product or signing up for the service.

What web admins do not understand is. Call-to-action has the same to do with functionality as well as the words.

So, besides hiring the best copywriter for writing a piece, ensure that it performs well.

Ensure to add the right imagery that works for your audience.

Taking an image from the web and posting it on the website to adjust will work make the page worse.

So, hire a graphic designer to render images. And create images representing the website whenever you need them.

You can review sites like HubSpot to see how each image — regardless of the distant topics — compliments the other.

Create navigation that guides users through your site

A site without proper navigation is a nuisance on the web.

Yes, a nuisance. Users do not hesitate to leave the website if they do not find it interactive.

So, ensure that your website incorporates proper navigation.

Understand that organizing is different from optimization.

Simply assigning the relevant section to a category is going to make a difference. You will have to optimize everything.

Be it another page or your product information page — link everything beautifully and interactively.

Don’t be afraid of white space

In order to fill blank spaces, domain owners stuff unnecessary content.

But the unnecessary content is a distraction to users. Plus, your message is not communicated well.

So, do not be afraid of pages that are blank.

Instead, if your content revolves around white pages, you can optimize every page accordingly.

Stay mobile friendly

Leaving the importance of mobile-worthiness to rank on Google aside, creating your website mobile-friendly just serves the users better.

Everyone now owns a mobile. Furthermore, most of the searches are made via smartphones instead of web browsers.

Meaning, besides improving the design and optimizing the site for web interactions, you will have to take into consideration that you have to make your website mobile-friendly.

Focus on SEO

Most web marketers think that SEO is limited to keyword research and content marketing.

But SEO incorporates so many aspects that really help the website to rank higher on search engines.

For instance, the index — which plays an important role in the page design — can help you move up the ladder on Google’s ranking.

Importantly, it will improve individual pages’ design and help the users navigate the pages quicker.

Never stop testing

Ever heard of the A/B testing?

Well, follow the principles to attain the ideal website design.

Do not start copying others’ web design, as it represents their ideas.

And the one that represents your idea can be very different to comply with that design.

That’s where testing helps you.

Start by rearranging the elements and see if the new design appeals to the users most than the previous one.

And once you start receiving adequate engagement, you can slow down and test the small elements.

Note that, it is critical to test the elements in the initial phase. As once you start getting an audience, you will only confuse them with new designs every day.


The web industry is growing faster than ever.

But you will have to understand that it will take some time before you can grow and be visible to the audience.

You have to remain in the initial phases that things like web design have importance.

And focus on these aspects before moving to the next phases like content and social media marketing.

Because regardless of which platform you choose to promote your product, it is the website that is going to be the ultimate landing page.

It is the backbone of your entire business. So, do not leave a stone unturned to achieve the perfect web design.