Get To Know Some Common Myths About Responsive Web Design

Though responsive web design has become the hottest trend in the web designing industry, it is weird to see that web designers and developers are still dealing with the blatant misconceptions surrounding responsive web designing. In today’s article, we will discuss and shatter these myths once and for all. Read on to get yourself guided and ensure that the Web Designer Dubai hired by you is not dealing with similar myths, too. So, keep reading the article and get to know what these myths are.  

Some Myths To Know About Responsive Web Design:

Now, let us explain these myths in detail so that you can have a clear understanding of responsive web design:

1: Responsive Websites Hide Some Contents On Gadgets:

In case you are viewing your site on your phone, you may see your content in an alternate format, such as contracting two sections down to one, yet that doesn’t mean data is lost.

The general purpose of having a responsive website is to connect more users on various gadgets, especially mobile phones, to get them the data they need as quickly as possible. So, for what reason would a responsive site cut out essential data? It simply makes no sense.

2: Make The Design Generally Acceptable By Testing It On Many Devices:

It is “Design for all”. It doesn’t imply that one needs to in a real sense to test their design on every single device available in the market. That is neither a practical nor a possible solution.

Only one brand has around a hundred devices in the market, and after all that, each has varieties. Little examples are the arrangement. Test it on a few that all basic goals get covered. 

3: Responsive Websites Are Heavier Or Slower:

It is not the error in the system, but rather in implementation. It can be demonstrated by showing various websites, which have utilized responsive website design, yet still loads quickly. This way, the planner needs to execute the responsive type of website design in the right way.

The webpages should be designed with lighter materials to guarantee that they do not require a lot of time to load. Else, it may bring about higher skip rates, as the users will go to different sites.

4: Responsive Design Costs More Than Other Web Design Services:

No, this is a prevalent misconception. The process and requirements are different, not more costly. Responsive Web Design varies incredibly in requirements and design needs to be compared with a non-responsive project. 

Cost improvement and procedures to create and design responsively have helped large and little organizations as the same assets on their Responsive Web Design projects.

5: Responsive Web Design Is Necessary For SEO:

Responsive Web Design can and does not affect your website’s SEO. Since Google rankings are affected by your site’s traffic and visitors’ clicks, it would generally show that a responsive design would increase the site’s visibility and profitability. 

Likewise, a user experience that acclimates to the visitor’s requirements is usually bound to use a site without these executions/capabilities.

6: Responsive Web Design Is Outdated:

It is false. Regardless, a responsive plan is more “in-date” than at any other time. As we talked about previously, practically all the websites, large or small organizations the same are actualizing responsive designs for quicker, cleaner, and best results. 

We can see additional evidence with the remarks from customers who use responsively designed sites consistently. Therefore, for them, it becomes a success in offering products and services to them, substantially less getting them to return to your site!

Winding Up!

The web explosion has occurred with the smartphones flooding the business sectors; any content is now easily accessible. The genuine importance lies in contacting the entirety of your clients and giving them precisely what they need. A Responsive plan is an answer to this phenomenon. 

Nevertheless, an Experienced Web Designer from, will be glad to help you build your website, on the off chance that you have some different myths as a primary concern. He will provide you with the best solution by keeping all your worries in mind.