3 reasons to consider Gatsby.js for your next web project in 2021

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Gatsby.js, a static site generator based on React.js, Webpack, and other front-end tools and uses GraphQL to provide your website with necessary data. In this article, we are going to show you 3 reasons why you should consider Gatsbyjs for your next project.

Built with performance in mind

The framework is super fast, extremely fast. Websites on Gatsby are 2-3 times faster than similar types of sites. Gatsby takes care of performance on its own, all you have to do is create the source code, and the framework will then compile the most performant Webpack configuration to build your site. Besides, it prefers resources, so clicking through your pages feels excitingly fast. 

Gatsby follows PRPL, a web site architecture developed by Google to improve the performance of your website, web pages load and become interactive particularly on mobile devices. 

PRPL is an acronym that describes: 

  • Push (or preload) critical resources
  • Render the initial route
  • Pre-cache remaining routes
  • Lazy load 

The pattern is for structuring and serving progressive web apps. You can build PWAs with Gatsby.js as it meets all other requirements for PWAs out of the box. What you only need to do is run your page via HTTPS and install a plugin for the manifest and service worker. 

Based on popular and influential technology

Gatsby.JS is based on React.js and it tends to behave like a regular React application and uses its components to be reused and shared throughout the overall development project. Still, you will need to write some HTML and CSS to make your website look nice. There are various options to include styling on your Gatsby website. 

Also, you can eventually start working with GraphQL, a query language with which you can receive data you ask for from almost any source. Thus Gatsby doesn’t need a classic backend, GraphQL lets you query all needed data from markdown files, databases, Storyblok, traditional CMSs, and so on.

Fun to use and learn

Gatsby.js is built on some popular tech, so you might not need to learn everything from scratch. It has a vast and active community that has got you covered with different tutorials from video over text or in-depth articles. 

You will enjoy realizing your projects with Gatsby.js. Setting up a new project is easy as Gatsby has already pre-configured your project, so you can immediately dive into developing your site. But if you prefer to leave this job to professionals, we are happy to help. VT labs uses Gatsby for Shopify development. Visit our website https://www.vtlabs.org to get a free consultation.