Why Your Business Needs NetSuite Integration

Why Your Business Needs NetSuite Integration

Why Your Business Needs NetSuite Integration

Navigating HR and Accounting workflows within the modern business landscape can be treacherous for today’s professionals. Like stumbling on a rocky path or losing your way in a dense forest, one wrong turn or miscalculation can lead to trouble for your business. NetSuite integration can keep you on the right path.

Picture NetSuite as the architect of a grand cathedral skillfully blending each financial business function to create a structural masterpiece. A powerful cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, NetSuite manages an organization’s financial business processes including accounting, inventory management, order processing, expense reimbursement, and more.

While NetSuite offers dynamic solutions, most HR teams use multiple HR apps. In a complex HR ecosystem, applicant tracking systems (ATS), core HR, payroll, and ERP systems like NetSuite must all work together. Just as every player on a sports team must contribute, communicate, and perform at the highest level to win, an organization’s sensitive information should seamlessly connect, particularly between an ERP and your preferred payroll app.

Data integration is the invisible thread that weaves together the tapestry of multi-app HR workflows, acting as a master tailor stitching the fabric of HR applications. Without integration, manually transferring data between disconnected apps is like sewing without a needle and thread. However, by skillfully weaving this thread, data flows effortlessly between apps, forming a cohesive network of interwoven strands. Seamless integration enhances efficiency and accuracy, fitting perfectly like a custom-tailored suit.

The Five Most Popular NetSuite data integrations

According to the HR data integration experts at Flexspring, the five most popular NetSuite data integrations are:

  1. Payroll App to NetSuite Journal Entries
  2. New Hires and Employee Updates from a Payroll App to NetSuite
  3. Expense Reimbursement from NetSuite to a Payroll App
  4. NetSuite Projects to Labor Allocation Codes in a Payroll App
  5. Payroll App Time Card Data to NetSuite

How do these integrations work? Data integration acts as a synaptic bridge, like neurons firing electrical impulses to enable communication across diverse systems.

The payroll app to NetSuite journal entries integration extracts weekly or bi-weekly payroll data from your payroll app and sends the data across the bridge to NetSuite. Instead of sending each piece of data separately, it combines different types of payroll information, like earnings, deductions, and taxes, to create one journal entry per payroll run per subsidiary.

The integration also can group the summarized amounts based on departments or locations, similar to how different elements of a story might be grouped into different chapters.

However, it’s important to note that this journal entry doesn’t contain detailed information about each employee’s pay. Instead, it provides an overview or summary of the overall pay data.

This integration also acts as a vigilant accountant, double-checking the debits and credits, ensuring that the balances are correct. If any errors are detected, it promptly raises a flag to alert you, like a watchful guardian making sure everything adds up correctly.

With the payroll app time card data to NetSuite integration, time card data entered into your payroll app is automatically returned to NetSuite to populate the corresponding work orders. With this integration, reports on job costing can be handled directly in NetSuite, accurately reflecting the employee hours worked on each project. Think of this integration like a magical conveyor belt, effortlessly transporting time card data from the clock in the workshop to a reporting system that stacks and reports the time spent on each job perfectly.

The benefit of the expense reimbursement from NetSuite to a payroll app integration is that it automatically imports approved expense reimbursements beyond regular compensations, such as travel deductions or mileage, into the payroll app’s pay data batch module to reimburse employees accurately..

More details about these time-saving NetSuite integration use cases are available at Flexspring.

Key Benefits of NetSuite Data Integration

NetSuite data integration’s many benefits include:

Improved time management: NetSuite integration is the key to unlocking the door to efficiency and significant time savings. Integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving time and virtually eliminating human error.

“The biggest pluses for us with our NetSuite integrations,” said Iryna Sukhanovska, Roostify’s Corporate Controller, “are that they save time and eliminate human error in data entry. Before, we needed one person dedicated to manually making changes and updates into NetSuite, which took them about 8 hours per week. Now we’re saving a day’s worth of time every week!”

Enhanced data integrity: NetSuite data integration answers data accuracy woes. Automating the data integration process eliminates the payroll risks associated with manual data entry. No more headaches, data inconsistencies, or inaccuracies. Just reliable data that you can trust.

Optimized data analysis: NetSuite data integration gives HR and Accounting teams the big picture, displaying a panoramic view of payroll information. Integration enables professionals to identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and receive daily or hourly reports for timely job cost analysis. Now that’s optimization!

Strengthened security: NetSuite integration is your team’s trusted gatekeeper, efficiently managing HR workflows by reducing unnecessary user accounts, duplicate employee profiles, and the risks associated with manual data entry. Like a discerning curator, integration limits the number of individuals handling employee records, including payroll data, maintaining confidentiality and security.

Enriched employee experience: Successful HR and Accounting professionals prefer to concentrate on strategic initiatives that grow their business rather than be burdened by manual data entry. Saying goodbye to mind-numbing data input frees your team to focus time and energy on enriching the employee experience, thus fostering a more rewarding work environment.


Time is a precious resource for every successful business.

NetSuite data integration is like a reliable restaurant offering an extensive menu of time savings, improved data accuracy, enhanced security, and heightened employee morale. NetSuite integration is the secret recipe that lets HR and Accounting professionals work efficiently while focusing on what truly matters—business growth within a supportive and fulfilling work environment.

So, sit at the table of NetSuite integration. Savor the banquet of HR excellence!