Why Sites Like Slader are Bad for Your Kids

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Sites like Slader are platforms for young ones to get their desired assignment results for immediate and better solutions. Slader was built as a persuasive technology to drive easiness among the students in Math and Science. 

As a free platform, it reaches many students for their benefits in homework and assignments. The resulting platform lends a hand to the students to learn step-by-step textbook solutions made by Subject matter experts. Slader experts on the run look like the students themselves as the experts have been in their shoes. 

The Core

Slader meant its purpose to help the students in their needful times and sort their problems out within seconds. Left way behind its purpose now, the website is called a ‘Cheating-Resource.’ The resultant has led the students to copy their tasks and present it to the teachers.

The more they find the platform effortless, the more they get addicted to cheating from it. However, there are still many ways to get solutions and help without cheating and compromising knowledge. This article presents the reflections on why sites like Slader are bad for your kids!

How Does Slader Work?

Slader is a website developed to help the students in their assignments and homework for timely submissions. Quick, easy steps to go through the website for finding solutions:

  1. You need to log on to the website. 
  2. Search for your classroom textbook. 
  3. Look for the desired question for which you need the answer.
  4. Get the solution.

Slader works with the rule of students-helping-students. It makes it easy for students to communicate or raise a query. Also, the website makes it easy for the students to recall or learn the new possibility immediately. The main reason for the founders was to give a clean chit to the students to learn. Therefore, they created the “bounty system.” This system requires you to place a bounty on the unanswered questions. The student who answers the question receives that reward. 

Well, this somehow makes it convenient for the students to earn while gaining knowledge. However, with more of its destructive impact on students, the website indulges the students in cheating, without seeing the relevance. The majority of the students made it a website only to cheat for all their queries. 

Why Are Sites Like Slader are Good for Your Kids?

As it seems, the wide use of the website is to get to copy the material and answers for saving efforts. It makes students more passive to work on their assignments or homework. Also, students are now dependent upon the provided answers from such websites without even cross-checking it. The time-consuming and effortless habits have now made the students gain no- knowledge on their own. It is getting more stressful to see the high-school students becoming dependent on the websites for their mini-assignments. 

Students should solve the formulas for math sections and chemical properties in science for self-learning purposes. The way students are plagiarizing their tasks to get the resultant seems not worthy of it. The website damages the students’ brains to think beyond and explore solutions. Moreover, the innovative capacities of the students get burnt to the ground for no reason. Not only the students’ capabilities but even the teachers’ efforts go down in vain with Slader. 

Teachers put so much effort and bring in new concepts to teach the students with easy tricks. With Slader and cheating resources, students let their efforts pass by. Teaching the lifetime spoon-feeders is not a good sign to work upon now. The idea behind Slader leaves us nowhere to focus on the right side of it anymore. The concept has failed the teaching capabilities of the teachers. So, if you let your kid use websites like these, there’s no way to turn it around for the best. Besides, there are other fantastic technologies that not only help the student but also teaches the legit path.


With the increasing times and promising technologies, we are advancing near a developing era. But taking away the creative minds with the formation of new platforms or websites is not going to get us anywhere. It will only lead future generations into a passive state.

Students are not only degrading their capacities to work but also exploiting the motive of education with this. Therefore, these reasons make it convenient to know why sites like Slader are good for your kids.