Why should startups Switch to Magento E-Commerce Platform? 



If we take a look at the top ten fastest-growing businesses, the eCommerce industry is first on the list. Recent studies indicate that, out of the total retail shopping that is done globally, more than 11% are done online. Because of this sheer surge in online shopping, Investing in an eCommerce startup can be a wise decision for any business owner. However, there are still some challenges on the road ahead. One of the greatest challenges that most e-commerce startups face nowadays is with their e-commerce platforms. Most of the e-commerce startups fail because they choose the wrong e-commerce platform for their online store. However, choosing highly advanced cloud eCommerce platforms like the Magento e-commerce platform over to other web-based eCommerce solutions can make a huge difference. By switching to the Magento E-Commerce platform, you can build a highly personalized and seamless online shopping experience for your customers.

However, migrating your e-commerce platform to Magento often needs high effort and expert assistance. If you are a business owner of an E-commerce startup who wants to build your e-commerce store on Magento, then it is better to consult a software outsourcing company in India as they are best known to deliver Magento development projects cost-effectively. In this blog post, we will dive into some of the key reasons why startups should choose or migrate to the Magento E-Commerce Platform.

Why Choose Magento E-Commerce Platform for your online store?

Magento is a highly popular eCommerce platform used by top e-commerce brands and other e-commerce businesses worldwide to sell their products or services online. You can take your online store to the next level by switching to this e-commerce platform. By switching to Magento, you will get a lot of advantages that your existing platform couldn’t deliver such as:

  • Significant Improvements in the overall efficiency of your business
  • Improved performance that delivers seamless customer experience
  • Increased conversions

Apart from these advantages, there are still more benefits that Magento delivers, Let’s find out that below.

#1 Easy Customization

A recent report published by Statista reveals that almost 65% of visitors won’t return to online stores that don’t deliver them with a decent customer experience that is customized for their specific needs. However, e-commerce sites that are powered by Magento can deliver more customized experiences to customers when compared with websites that use other web-based e-commerce solutions. With Magento, you can easily customize your online store to match your specific business requirements. Magento makes this possible by using enhanced themes that deliver users a seamless experience. Websites that are powered by Magento can support even more customizations that include easy addition of new product categories, seasonal campaigns, and much more.

#2 Seamless Integration with ERPs

Integrating your ERP solution with your e-commerce platform can deliver your customers a better website experience at the same time providing your business with intelligent insights that helps you make high quality business decisions. You can get a bigger picture of your e-commerce business by feeding customer and sales data from your e-commerce website to your ERP system. Magneto can make this possible as it allows seamless integration with popular ERP systems that includes SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

#3 SEO Friendly

The success of an e-commerce business is highly dependent on SEO and you always need to build your e-commerce website using an e-commerce platform that is SEO friendly. When compared to other e-commerce solutions that are available in our market, Magento does a good job on the SEO part as online stores that are built on this platform have better crawlability that helps them to rank higher on the search engine result page. Moreover, Magento is equipped with tools and features that enhance your site’s SEO such as sitemaps, descriptions, SEO-friendly URL structure, and much more. Additionally, Magento also delivers you tons of plugins and extensions and that helps your online store to rank higher on the search engine result page.

#4 Huge Developer Community

Magento has a huge developer community of more than three million developers around the world. The Magento developer community consists of a highly experienced network of software developers, program managers, and much more. You can get instant support from the Magento community members If you or your development team come across any issue or queries that are directly related to Magento development. There are many magento development companies providing quality services, VoxOx Solutions is the best example of that. Top of that, The Magento community periodically gives updates to you about the latest trends and news about the platform.

#5 Great Mobile Experience

For any e-commerce site, delivering a great user experience on mobile is equally important as it does on the desktop. Having a mobile friendly e-commerce website can increase the chances of customers making a purchase. At the same time, almost 85% of today’s buyers spend most of their product browsing on mobile. Magento will be your go-to e-commerce platform if you want to deliver a rich app-like experience for your customers. Since Magnet supports PWA, you don’t have to waste your money on building separate mobile apps for iOS and Android.

#6 Highly Scalable

E-commerce business is all about Scalability and it is one of the top priorities of most business owners. Magento delivers high scalability and more performance even with extremely high traffic. On top of that, you can eliminate the need for you to invest in setting up on-premises hardware as Magento allows you to easily ramp up or down based on your demands.

#7 Highly Secure

Security is critical for any e-commerce site as it stores tons of customer information and does more than hundreds of transactions in a day on average. Upgrading to Magento is the best choice if you want heightened security on your e-commerce website. Online stores that are powered by Magento are more secure when compared to other platforms that are available today. Since Magento is built on the latest and highly secure architecture, it can keep your site more secure by preventing financial fraud, defending against malware, and safeguarding the finances of your online business.