Why car GPS tracker is a perfect solution for your vehicle’s security?



There was a time when a family member didn’t come home on time people used to get tensed because they didn’t have any clue about the location. Those were the days when GPS wasn’t in use. Users of GPS tracking technology have grown slowly in the country. However, it’s a different story in B2B Engagement. Here we will discuss how a car GPS tracker can calm most of your fears about the vehicle and your loved ones. Whenever someone invests money somewhere, they expect it to be their future assets, but when someone purchases a vehicle, they expect it to be their present and future asset.

Many people underestimate the role of GPS tracker by branding it as a luxury item. Well, they may be right in calling a GPS tracking system a luxury product but isn’t the purchase of a vehicle, whether its bike or a car is a luxurious purchase? It is, but still, people buy it whenever they have enough money. Securing a vehicle with a small GPS tracking device can’t be called luxury. It’s a necessity for a vehicle and its owner. Installing a GPS tracking device can save your vehicle from theft and assures you.

Onelap Telematics, a Delhi-based tech startup, started its journey in 2016. There were many GPS trackers in the market before 2016, but most of them were used by big fleet businesses, and nobody paid much attention to personal vehicle owners. Onelap provides a viable option to personal as well as small fleet businesses at an affordable price.

Parent Story

One of Onelap customer named Manish Singh, a housewife, is using the car GPS tracker for the past six months, said:

“I am a mother of two children who go to school by car, because of work I can’t go to drop my kids at school regularly, so we have a driver who picks and drops our kids. He’s working here for the past 3 years but it is the question of my children’s safety which I can’t compromise, that’s why I decided to install the GPS tracker in our car. Now I can check my kid’s location whenever I want. With the help of this vehicle tracking system, I have also set a speed limit to monitor a driver’s behavior.”

This story proves that a vehicle tracking system not only secures your vehicle; it can also lessen your worry about your loved ones.

Why GPS tracker is a necessity for your car?

Here are the five benefits of a car tracker for your vehicle:

  1. Real-Time Vehicle Saving Alerts:

As I have written initially that a GPS tracking system isn’t a luxury. It is convenient for many to have a personal vehicle at their home so that they don’t have to wait for the bus, auto, or any other public transport. Suppose you regularly go to the office by car, which is very convenient for you, but what is not convenient is getting your car stolen from the parking area while you’re sitting at your office. To save yourself from this misery, you can install a GPS tracking solution in your car. It gives you real-time alerts whenever someone other than you tries to steal or unlock your vehicle. Even the thief manages to steal; you can track him without letting him know.

  1. Data Storage:

The GPS tracking system for cars provides you with the past data storage, which lets you see the previous day’s data whenever you want. To understand this point, let’s take an example, suppose you’re the owner of a commercial vehicle and your driver deliver goods to your clients. You’re getting complaints from your clients that they’re getting delivery late from the past few days, but you have no clue and have a suspicion about your driver. However, if you have a GPS tracker installed in your vehicle, you can check the route taken by your driver on the previous days.

  1. Life-Saving Alerts:

Many parents get tensed whenever their son takes their car out for a ride because of rash driving, and rightly so. Almost every day we read about road accidents in the newspaper, there’s not a single day pass when no accident happens. These facts are enough to put parents under stress about their son’s driving. To get off this stress, what parents can do is install a GPS tracking device in their car and mark a speed limit with the Overspeed alert feature’s help. After marking a specific speed limit, you will get an instant alert on your mobile whenever your son exceeds that speed limit. Although it doesn’t stop the driver from overspeeding, you can at least call your son and warn him with this Overspeed alert.

  1. Engine Access:

This is a critical function of the car GPS tracking device because it gives you engine access. For example, you’re at your home, and your vehicle is parked outside your house, and you’re sleeping peacefully, now a thief comes and tries to unlock your car and manages to steal your car. In this case, if you have a GPS tracker installed in your vehicle first, you will get an anti-theft alert, and then you have an engine lock in your mobile app through which you can cut off the engine immediately, and your car will be stopped even if the thief manages to steal your car.

  1. Low Cost Solution:

Many people in this world have a myth that a GPS tracking solution secures your vehicle it must be expensive, which isn’t true. Onelap GPS tracker price starts from INR 3K, which is very less if you compare the GPS device with a car, bike, or any other vehicle. After knowing all this, some people still don’t want to use it by branding it as luxury as discussed initially. If an INR 3K device can save your INR 10 Lakh, you must go for it.


It is ironic to brand a car GPS tracker as a luxury item when you have owned a vehicle, which itself a luxury product. Vehicles deserve security, and vehicle owners have every right to secure their vehicle, and they can secure their car with a low cost GPS tracker. Hence, every vehicle owner must install this device.