Which Funnel Builder Should You Use



As a digital entrepreneur, the key to success is an effective marketing plan and a good sales funnel. Sales funnel is the key to increase conversion rate and transition your potential leads into sales effortlessly. It’s the perfect inbound marketing strategy that offers instant results under easy to use solutions. 

While there are tons of sales funnels claiming their efficacy towards successful digital marketing, not all are equal. Several sales funnels offer features but may lack essential aspects such as webinar hosting or email marketing. The use of these features vary for every business size or target; it’s ideal to understand the know-how, features, and advantages of using one.

Do you think the sales funnel will help your business grow? Which software is suitable for your business, and how can you implement its principles to leverage conversion rate? 

Is Sales Funnel Important To Grow Your Business?

Sales funnel is the process of converting potential customers into leads and, eventually, sales. It’s a step by step procedure, and if you’ll outline, it looks more of a funnel. You follow a step-by-step method of allowing people to be aware of the product, services, or business to them. There are various sales funnels, but you can try clickfunnels as it’s one of the known software with great features trusted by every digital entrepreneur.  

Generating organic leads from search engines or through paid advertisements can turn potential clients into your business. Some websites offer freebies to people who sign up on their newsletter. Some may click the bait while others won’t. 

Once you develop their interest in your business, you move onto the next stage of nurturing their decisions on why they need the service or product you offer. You can provide valuable content either through personalized emails or a list of supporting blogs to widen your lead’s perspective and knowledge. 

Providing enticing and valuable content piques potential customers’ interest. After that, you present a sense of urgency to your leads, allowing them to move forward to the next stage, action. Offering a great deal or limited source of the solution enables them to take action, leading to sales

The process after purchasing your service never stops there. You continue to nurture your leads. Providing excellent customer experience enhances relationships and improves your credibility. Later on, they will trust that what you offer provides higher value and guaranteed solutions that meet their interest.  

When Should You Use Sales Funnel

As a start-up biz, you need to build a solid foundation that can effectively convert your leads into sales. It will help your business grow and achieve your target success rate. 

While there are various sales funnels available in the market, it’s essential to determine your business needs. A sales funnel creates a sense of urgency for every website visitor and convinces them that it’s the right thing to do and purchase the item on their shopping cart. 

The process may seem complicated, especially if you begin from zero. However, with innovation and technology, automation is a lot easier than expected. You can do the initial setup and let your sales funnel builder generate more sales into your business. A significant sales funnel creator connects the sales procedure’s essential components, including your marketing plan, landing page, sequencing of emails, and your business site.

Which Is The Best Sales Funnel To Use

There are a few sales funnel builders you can reconsider to help leverage your business. Each has its unique features that match business demands by size and target conversion rate. Be mindful of the following essential elements such as:

  • Email automation
  • A/B testing
  • Webinar pages
  • Membership capable
  • Affiliate program
  • CRM
  • Drag & drop
  • Shopping cart
  • Calendar or appointment booking
  • Video integration


Kartra provides all the essential tools needed to build, promote, and launch an online business quickly. It’s a complete package that helps you sell your products and services, generate leads, create funnels and strategies, automate emails, and build sites for memberships. 


This all-in-one site and funnel builder is ideal for digital entrepreneurs. The latter want to increase their conversion rate from site visitors to lead magnets and eventually return consumers. It offers a full automation ideal even for newcomers in the industry.


GetResponse offers easy to use software for sales funnel, including lead filter status. It’s a comprehensive solution that includes email marketing automation, landing page, campaigns for various social media platforms, and more. GetResponse enables you to sell services and products or integrate accounts with existing eCommerce biz. 


All sales funnel builders are created to help digital entrepreneurs reach their target goals. Though they vary at some features, it boils down to your business needs and the type of business you are into for total efficiency.