What poster sizes should you be using?

What poster sizes should you be using

What poster sizes should you be using

A poster is all about sending a message, so you need to be sure it has the correct size to ensure the advertisement reaches as many people as possible. Unlike art, posters do have standardized sizes that people should be using. If you are wondering what poster size is the best for a movie advert or a concert then let me help you understand better these details. Do not think what size your poster is but rather what size it should be.

The size of any poster does matter, no matter if it is a small ledger for a bulletin board or a huge one for a movie advertisement. Here are a few sizes that should help you better whenever you need to select a size for your next advertisement or bulletin board.

Small Posters (12 x 18 inches – 304 x 457 millimeters)

Posters fitting for flyers, bulletin boards or those placed on street lights are generally of a smaller size. A great way to advertise a new product or business is by distributing flyers and can help tremendously if you provide potential customers with a comfortable flyer to carry and read. Flyers, bulletin boards and other forms of advertisement that aren’t small and comfortable to read can simply be tossed away by uninterested people, and these bigger fliers can be more expensive if you get the incorrect right size. This size of the poster is also known as architectural B size.

Medium Posters (18 x 24 inches – 457 x 609 millimeters)

These medium-sized posters are great when you want to provide more information about a certain product or service, or simply if you want to make it stand out more. While this is not a comfortable option to be provided as a flyer, it is a great size to use in an office, clinic, market, etc. The size of these posters is also known as an architectural C size poster. It is recommended to use a minimalist design that can be comfortable for the viewer while staying as concise as possible.

Have you seen posters around or youngsters engaged in distribution of flyers? Whether they are used actively to advertise the local car wash or they are used to promote the latest movie at the cinema, posters get the message across to people. Assuming you choose a standard poster board size, even a tri-fold poster board, you can make a grand display for numerous people.

Large Posters (24 x 36 inches – 609 x 914 millimeters)

Architectural size D posters or large posters are those that are 24 x 36 inches in size. These large posters are perfect for large advertisements for an event or excellent when placed outside of malls, shows, or any business that needs a big and noticeable poster. These posters are excellent for grabbing the attention of many onlookers but can be much more expensive than the smaller options. Having more space means you can add more intricate and striking designs to bring the attention of more people. Just as with other poster sizes, always be sure you provide concise but on-point information, that way potential clients can easily understand the service or product being offered and contact you in case they want more information.

Panoramic Posters 11.75 x 36 – 298 x 914 millimeters)

Credit: Unsplash

An uncommon poster option utilized mostly for a panoramic poster is the size of 11.75 x 36 inches. This standardized poster size isn’t as commonly used as the others but some still employ them to provide their advertisement campaigns an interesting and different look. These posters can be used as simple art prints, for works of art and of course for interesting advertising campaigns.

One Sheet Movie Poster (27 x 40 inches – 686 x 1016 millimeters)

This one-sheet movie poster is large enough to catch the attention of many onlookers. The field industry utilizes this size as one of their standardized poster sizes, being this one the smaller of the two. You can commonly see this size in theatres for movie advertising and rarely to advertise other products.

Bus Stop Poster (40 x 60 inches – 1016 x 1524 millimeters)

A poster-size commonly used at bus stops and subways and probably one of the biggest poster standardized sizes is 40 x 60 inches. A bus stop poster has the perfect size for any onlooker to be able to read the information about the movie being presented, though this size is employed to highlight any movie advertisement from the rest. This is the largest standardized poster size you can find being used in the film industry, while the smaller option is just 27 x 40 inches in size.

All the sizes above are standardized poster sizes, which are used worldwide by many companies and businesses. Depending on the type of advertising campaign you will be employing one poster size can be a better option from the rest. Always be sure you know what size you want for your poster and carefully measure the size needed depending on if you want to provide flyers, bus stop adverts, movie advertisements or an elegant size that can help decorate your home.