What is Cloud Faxing?

What is Cloud Faxing?

What is Cloud Faxing?

Fax technology has been around for a long time. But the traditional fax machine is analog, slow, and requires a significant amount of resources. Cloud fax is a modern internet-based fax service. Many businesses have tapped into cloud faxing for its quick and paperless services. If you’re looking to sign up for a popular enterprise Fax solution, you can check out eGoldFax.

With traditional faxing, you need a machine and a phone line, but you can transmit resources over the net with cloud faxing. Cloud faxing is performed through this simple procedure:

Step 1: subscribe to a cloud faxing platform. This takes a short moment as you generally provide your personal and payment details.

Step 2: choose your identification (a fax number). You may disclose your fax number to anyone that wishes to transmit a fax to you.

Step 3: Prepare your document as an attachment. You can have the resources sent through the dashboard or email. Provide the recipient and add the attachment.

Step 4: the fax is sent securely.

Step 5: the resources arrive on the other end, get decoded and printed. If the receiver is using a phone, they get an alert for the fax.

Features of Cloud Faxing

Cloud faxing has numerous features that streamline processes within a business. The following are some of the amazing features of cloud faxing.

1. Electronic Signature

When transmitting files and documents online, there’s a real danger of the files being altered or duplicated. But one of the best ways to deter such foul play is by using digital signatures. You typically sign the files before they are sent. Some platforms allow you to upload your signature, whereas others involve dragging and dropping the signature.

2. Bulk Delivery

Previously, you would send a fax to one person at a time. So, if you meant to send faxes to a group, the exercise would be resource-intensive. But cloud faxing makes it possible to send faxes to a group. Businesses have leveraged this feature to improve employee collaboration and boost productivity.

3. Custom Delivery Time

Some files and documents are time-sensitive. With traditional faxing, the odds of experiencing an inconvenience are high because you need to be physically present. But cloud faxing allows you to set the delivery in advance to send the document at the designated time.

4. Junk Fax Scanning

With the ordinary postal system, people receive unwanted mail. When you go to emails, people also receive spam emails. And even with phones, people receive unwanted calls from scammers, telemarketers, and robots. And so, junk faxes are a thing, but cloud faxing is secured against these junk faxes. Faxes from blocklisted addresses are automatically blocked.

5. Large File Handling

If you were using a traditional fax machine, the resources you would need to transmit large files to a group would be enormous. But cloud fax allows you to transmit large files to diverse recipients conveniently.

How Businesses Benefit from Cloud Fax

Businesses leverage online faxing to improve their communication systems and increase productivity and revenue. The following are some of the benefits businesses draw from online faxing:

Security: cloud faxes are typically encrypted, and your transmissions are safeguarded from duplication and alteration.

Scalable: traditional fax machines are minimal. But cloud faxing allows businesses to compute significantly large outputs easily.

Reliable: cloud faxes are supported by superior tech infrastructure that ensures that the faxes are of excellent quality.

No location limits: with traditional faxing, you need to be physically present to transmit faxes. But with cloud faxing, you can still transmit faxes even when you travel to another place, thus ensuring your company is always making progress.

No training: just about anyone can quickly get the hang of cloud faxing. It’s not like you need to be trained about anything.

Critical Cloud Faxing Tips

Many people use online faxing daily to accomplish their goals. The following are some of the critical tips for transmitting faxes through the cloud.

Use a cover sheet: a cover sheet typically precedes the actual fax. It points out the sender, who the fax is intended for, and what it is about. Using a cover sheet creates a good impression of you.

Position your machine well: cloud faxing is one of the most secure ways of transmitting messages. But once they are printed, the information can be accessed easily. And so, it’s critical to position your machine in such a way people won’t glance at it and spy on content.

Schedule faxes: the schedule feature enables you to be prompt, consistent, and minimize errors.