Digital Signage

Digital signage is a very commonly used tool in today’s times. One will encounter it in day-to-day life, from shopping malls to roadside ads. Even though it is widely used, most people are not familiar with it.

What is digital signage? Digital signage is simply the usage of digital screens to display signs. This can be used anywhere from hospitals to offices. Before we get into android based signage, let’s look at how digital signages work. Unlike typical signs, digital signages require many parts and processes to function like

  • Hardware – This includes the screen, the mounts for the screen, and a player in some cases. These are the most basic requirements to get the digital sign-up and running.
  • Software – Content management or playback software is used to run the hardware depending on the situation. The software and hardware parts go hand in hand as one section can’t work without the other.
  • Connectivity – The signage unit should be connected to the management software. This can be through a hardwire or wi-fi. This connection keeps the software updated.
  • Content – This is the most critical piece of the puzzle and probably where most of the budget is spent. The content should be regularly updated without repetition, and procurement of such content is a challenge in itself.
  • Installation – The whole setup has to be properly installed for it to function. Care should be taken to avoid accidents and damage during installation.

Again, what is digital signage? 

“Usage of hardware like LED screens in sync with software components to display signs at various locations” would be a much more accurate answer. But placing digital signs randomly at different locations isn’t helpful.

A proper strategy should be made, and this starts with identifying what one’s needs are. This can be understood by looking at the project timeline, the content strategies, and the budget. The number of displays to be deployed is also decided.

The appropriate hardware is selected based on its application. Different displays are used for putting up menus in a restaurant and as wayfinding screens in malls. There are several benefits to using digital signages like:

  1. Entertainment for customers – As the signs are screens, they can display entertaining content in waiting rooms. This decreases the perceived waiting time.
  2. Improved communication – The use of visuals in signs gets people’s attention very quickly. Visuals are also easy to remember and understand. This is a massive win in advertising.
  3. Increasing revenue – With the screens being able to change the content, more space is available for advertisements without additional screens- this provides a massive increase in revenue.
  4. Easy to update and sleek looking – The screens allow the content to be updated or revised quickly. This caters to businesses where the services provided change frequently. They also look very modern and are appealing in all locations.

Android-based signages

The only technical difference between other digital signages and android based signages is the platform on which everything is run. But that is more than enough to make a significant improvement on digital signages.

The difference they bring is in the field of content creation. They are equipped with many tools enabling anyone to create beautiful-looking content. The added advantage is that one doesn’t have to know a single line of code to do any of this.

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The user interface of android systems is very intuitive. They also support a variety of formats of both video and photo files. All kinds of content ranging from storyboards to menus can be made. The devices are also very cost-effective when compared to their counterparts. They also provide many other features like

  • Remote management – Android signages can be managed remotely, meaning the content can be pushed to the signage device through the internet from a remote position.
  • Usability of devices – Most android devices can be used as signs. This widens the variety of options available for all advertising situations and needs.
  • Security – All digital signages are much more expensive than typical signs. This makes them prone to being stolen. Android signages have this covered. They come equipped with remote location tracking making them a much safer choice.

Importance of advertisements

Ads have an important place in today’s society. To a certain extent, ads have the power to shape one’s thoughts and influence how one perceives things. Ads are now under more scrutiny because of this.

It is made sure that the ad doesn’t offend or demean anyone. Another development is that digital algorithms are set to monitor ads’ responses and track how much they’re influencing people. It is based on this data that new ads are made.

Advertisements have come leaps and bounds from where they started and will continue to evolve. People should be cautious and responsible for how much power is given to ads in altering people’s mindsets.