Virtual PBX and what it delivers

Virtual PBX and what it delivers

Virtual PBX and what it delivers

Since company would start to provide services via an internet. The level of opportunities, is a fair indication about the level of customer service and ensures profit for a business. Before you choose the feature there are some pointers you need to consider long and hard.

Virtual PBX software as the name suggests would be relying on VOIP technology where you may be making calls over the internet. It becomes easy for a user to activate it and rely on specialized hardware or software. The use of this feature does not require specialized high-end equipment, or any type of complex technical equipment. Without a physical address a call can be connected to any remote corner of the world.

There arises another benefit of using virtual PBX as on call you may have access to statistics. Once an inbound call is over you can check out the duration, along with the waiting time that is displayed on the interface. Even you can review the phone number and the name of the sales representative who attended the call. If you are looking to obtain detailed inputs about the call source then rely on a call tracking service. It is not only going to obtain information about the requests that is made by the phone but even goes on to provide an idea about the marketing channels that the company uses.

Working of virtual PBX

The manner on how a virtual PBX works is relatively simple.  Then it is processed and send to the respective phone numbers. A caller would be hearing the voice menu, till it is configured. An important point of a virtual PBX would be a call forwarding scheme. Numerous types of schemes are there which would be dependent upon the needs of your business. An example is that you may use a couple, one of them is during business hours or it may be off hours.

The benefits along with opportunities

Most of the virtual PBX system would end up providing similar type of opportunities. But still it is better if you are choosing a tool that might provide you with additional options. It is not only going to provide you with a connection but you will obtain a multi- functional analysis of a sales representative.

  • Inbound and outbound call distribution in a flexible way- you may set up the operators or numbers that is going to be made. It enables you to configure a multi -level voice where the customers may reach the desired department as per the requirements.
  • Missed call rates are reduced- with the aid of call queue, during high traffic periods you will not be losing out on any callers. Notification about missed calls is provided so that there is a quick call back.
  • All the calls and sales data is stored on a single system- with CRM you could be synchronization calls, and creation of tasks happen in an automatic manner.

The sales department could face a lot of issues that might turn out to be common. More so if it concerns sales personnel who is using a virtual PBX who formulates the following set of features.

  • Sales personnel has to switch among the different systems like CRM, documents or dialer
  • An employee ends up making a blindfold conversation with a customer as he might not be interested to figure out what the buyer would be interested in.
  • If there is no CRM data, the conversation data would not be accessible for a sales representative. During the course of a conversation, it would be really difficult to open it.

An option of click to call page exists as for sales personnel it may end up saving a lot of time. No longer you need to switch to and from between the various systems since an employee is known to be working in a single window. Numerous types of opportunities exist that makes call processing an easy task

  • You have to hold or turn off the microphone- You have to click on the pause icon as the customer is not going to hear any form of unnecessary sound.
  • Call transfer blindly- You may transfer the calls to another employees blindly by mobile phone or a web page.
  • Attending call transfer- after attending a call you may transfer it to a colleague of your choice.

Each and everything turns out to be initiative and you may transfer a call using your phone. Even it is going to save a lot of time if you are planning to train your employees. So the need of the hour is to make calls with the aid of CRM software. You just have to get in touch with the CRM software where the specific number is necessary.