Top Animation Trends

Though the internet and ever-growing social media have given us opportunities to connect, it’s worth knowing that being creative will keep you at an edge over others.

When creating content, we can’t shy away from creating video content. Video marketing has immense growth potential. Plus, it’s perhaps the only form of content your viewers would love to come across.

Online videos have a reach of more than 90%. That means that there’s a strong possibility that 9 out of 10 internet users are watching videos at the moment.

While video content is perhaps the most attractive form, it’s worth knowing that producers of content had little to work around during Covid-19.

Live-action clips had to be ditched for animated content. And, so top Animation Studios capitalized on the opportunity.

Content creators switched to animated content to meet the demand of an ever-growing audience. While there was no way to get back to shoot locations, the animation industry began to grow in full swing.

And, it’s not surprising that today, animation remains one of the top choices of brands. That too is for a very particular reason.

Brands can build a better persona with the use of animated content. Animation is concise and perhaps has solid potential to get subliminal messages across more engagingly and efficiently.

However, as consumer trends are evolving with the changing environment, so are the animation trends.

To evolve with the changing environment, you must keep a close eye on the ongoing trends in animation that dominated 2022.

Vertical animations

The trend for vertical animations is booming. Research shows that more than 90% of customers are using their mobile phones to watch videos.

While they continue to do so, it’s important to know that continue to scroll down without flipping their phones. That obviously has to be with customers looking for convenient and user-friendly  experience.

But that’s where vertical animations come in. If businesses can manage to create vertical animations, they would be able to share or upload the same video or animated content on their social media.

This will serve the need of customers watching videos on social. Remember, most of them don’t rotate their screens to watch videos. They just want to continue scrolling down and discover some amazing content that is worth a watch.

1. Grain effect and texture

Grain effects and textures add an authentic look to images and illustrations. The grainy texture makes the visuals appear rough, but also natural. Moreover, brands use the grainy effect to their advantage to develop a bold brand persona.

This style of animation also makes you stand out from the crowd. Viewers experience a feeling of nostalgia. So, if you’re looking to give your viewers a vintage vibe, you may use the grainy effect and textures in your videos.

2. 3D abstract morphing

The 3d abstract morphing technique is something that can take your visual content to the next level. Morphing involves the creation of a magical effect!

The effect sees an object seamlessly transform its shape and form. Visuals are fluid, making the experience captivating for the viewer, and perhaps might even leave a mesmerizing touch on the mind of your audience.

What’s more important here is that 3D morphing is difficult to execute. Yes, it offers amazing value for your content, but there’s a lot that goes behind the scenes. You cannot have physical cuts in your edit. So, the execution needs to be perfect.

If done perfectly, 3D abstract morphing can make your audience captivated for a longer period than most other forms of animation.

Know that choosing to use the 3D morphing technique might push up the animated video pricing.

3. Limited color  palette

It is one of the most popular animation trends. It might be tempting to use a variety of vibrant colors for your content.

But, that might not be the best idea. Research shows that people tend to recall brands that define a brand identity that is consistent with colors. Colors can be cues for your audience to recall your brand.

So, limited color palette animations might work wonders for you.

4. 2D and 3D combo

The effect can be quite difficult to achieve. But, don’t worry. It s not something impossible. Plus, if you can manage to do it, then you’ll be able to stand out from your rivals.

2D and the 3D combo is often a technique that is used in big-budget movies and animated shows powered by Pixar Studios. But, going into 2022, the trend is not just limited to movies and animated shows.

But, in fact, the combination is more increasingly used by businesses too. Plus, it’s that expensive anymore.

Merging 3D and 2D techniques is quite less expensive than told. Plus, you can manage to keep your costs low by using minimal 3D characters to breathe life into your brand story.

While the audience enjoys an inspiring 3D experience, you’ll have a cost-effective alternate to innovate and create amazing content.

5. Kinetic typography

To most these might mean breaking the rules or creating something that is imperfect. Typefaces and different fonts might sound alien to them.

But, frankly speaking in 2022, this trend has taken the world of animation by storm. Brands that used kinetic typography in their social posts and other forms of content report that they were able to draw excited customers.

Plus, these playful kinetic typography trends are evolving. Twisting, expanding, and contracting fonts and typefaces might be difficult to read.

But, more importantly, these work like stop-scroll weapons and draw attention from viewers. Plus, you don’t have to play with entire chunks of text. Try experimenting with some words or key phrases.

Bottom Line

To wrap up, there’s no doubt that the video marketing industry is booming. To succeed top brands have already taken the leap. They are curating explainer content with a focus on animated delivery. The trends we shared above have been dominant in 2022 and, these are not going out of sight any sooner.