Top 5 Premium Smartwatch Options for 2020

Having a smartwatch in 2020 is slowly becoming a norm. With a plethora of options at your fingertips, it is becoming increasingly hard to select the correct smartwatch. Add to the complexity of styles, brands, features, and aesthetics, choosing one can be cumbersome.

The premium smartwatch is a sub-category of smartwatches which serves the niche of not only having a capable smartwatch, but also an elegant watch which you can match with most of your formal wear. We will now see some available premium smartwatches are available today:

1. Amazfit GTR

The Amazfit GTR is Huami’s new smartwatch, a Chinese tech giant Xiaomi-backed company that continues its nearly two-year history of impressive smartwatches under the Amazfit brand like the Stratos and Verge.

Another of Huami’s affordable smartwatches is the Amazfit GTR, which makes bold claims about its design, display, and extended battery life.

The Amazfit GTR is a smartwatch on budget with long battery life. It is a shame that the central monitoring of alerts is stripped-off, and its tech feels choppy. But on the plus side, you get a bright screen and remarkably accurate tracking of your activities, particularly for outdoor runs using GPS.

It also looks fantastic, which is rarely the case in this price range. If you’re going for the 42 mm sportier or the more traditional 47 mm model, you’re going to be able to match it to most outfits.

To learn more about the Amazfit GTR, and for a more in-depth review, you can read the Amazfit GTR review by ValueQ.

2. Apple Watch Series 5

It is the only smartwatch that generates a lot of interest, not just from tech users, but from the public at large. The curiosity has not necessarily helped the competitors of Apple, but it has helped six generations of Apple’s smartwatch survive.

The watch has a strong emphasis on fitness and wellness. The Apple Watch Series 5 will track your heart rhythm and recommend you see a doctor if you suspect anything abnormal, call the emergency services if it senses that you’ve toppled over, and track your run to keep you safe. Such potentially life-saving apps are a big reason people abandon their conventional watches in favor of Apple Watch watches.

The style is almost flawless, at last. A majority of wrists suit the two size models, and they are incredibly comfortable too. It’s the only app that has straddled the tech-fashion axis. It is the smartwatch with the best look imaginable.

The Apple Watch Series 5 impresses. The interface is well thought out and sleeker, the screen is excellent in terms of PPI and color depth, and the number of third-party applications and accessories is incomparable.

It does have some negative points, and the UI is fiddly compared to simpler rivals like Android Wear, in particular. Of course, it’s all iOS, but you’re out of luck if you have an Android Mobile.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a very worthy competitor if you prefer Android phones to an iPhone. If you’re an Android consumer looking for a sleek interface and robust hardware, this is the best smartwatch.

Let’s start with the circular screen that is definitely on par with the Apple Watch, so is the elegant, streamlined design too. It also comes bearing some neat capabilities such as measuring blood pressure, the ability to take ECG readings, and water resistance.

A series of fresh, information-filled watch faces gives it a modern edge, and while it lacks quality third-party features, we think the built-in functions are enough for you. It’s a very compelling package, overall, and one we would recommend as well as panerai radiomir also considered as a most selling watches.

4. Huawei Watch GT 2

The Huawei Watch GT 2 on this list is different from every other smartwatch – it’s a combination of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker.

It looks like a smartwatch, and it’s got an excellent, high-resolution display. The watch can also run simple device programs (such as a calendar) and inform you of calls and messages. Nevertheless, it can not run third-party apps, and you can not personalize the faces of the watch (although there is a choice).

Its primary focus is on activity monitoring, keeping tabs on your lifestyle, and activities with the Watch GT 2. It has a GPS sensor and a heart rate sensor. Of course, this is more likely to cater to fitness novices than road warriors without the inclusion of Strava or other fitness software.

What’s most remarkable is that the battery life lasts for about two weeks, meaning you’ll only have to charge it less than 30 times a year, potentially.

The Huawei Watch GT 2 is a strange offer, but if you’re used to simple activity tracking, updates, and long battery life, this might be your smartwatch.

5. Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45

Tag Heuer was one of the first significant names in luxury watchmaking to embrace the smartwatch concept, instead of seeing it as the enemy. “We can not ignore the trend,” as Jean-Claude Biver, the then CEO of the brand, put it at the launch of the Connected series. The paired watch should not be missed by TAG as a luxury brand with an ‘affordable’ entry price. And they adjusted to a younger generation’s tastes.

Often regarded on the market as the best, if most expensive, Android smartwatch – it’s also the first smartwatch to receive ‘Swiss made’ certification.

The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 has a modular format, meaning that there are some 4000 boxes and lug material choices, bezel color, form of the strap, and so on to make the watch more your own.


Whatever premium smartwatch you do decide to go for, always remember that much like buying a regular watch, you buy it to wear it. There is no reason to go for a watch which you know you would never wear. Better to check first the features that you need and decide on the color and design which suits you best. After all, you are buying this watch to pair with that elegant dress or new suit! Happy Shopping!