Top 10 IT companies in India



When it comes to finding a job, you’re not just looking for a company that pays well. You want a place that’ll give you scope to learn and grow, be creative, pick up different skills and explore new opportunities. That’s why for most young students and professionals in the tech field, spots in the top IT companies in India are fiercely competed for. You want to be the person who lands a job in one of the best firms with incredible infrastructure, training and learning opportunities and of course, a hefty paycheque at the end of each month. And luckily, these companies are spread out across some of the best cities in India so you can be assured to have not just a great work life, but an awesome social life and cultural experience too. Here’s a list of some of the top IT companies in India that you should definitely consider applying to.

1: Tata Consultancy Service

The frontrunner when it comes to IT companies in India, TCS has been in the field of consulting and transforming the world’s largest businesses for over fifty years. This is also a company that has the largest market capitalization in recent history.

2: Infosys

The company that started the process of making Bangalore the tech hub of India, Infosys is widely known among tech aspirants in the country. This company prides itself on not just finding opportunities but creating them, and therefore is the perfect place for an ambitious young stalwart like you.

3: HCL Technologies

If you’re someone who believes technology is the future, then HCL Technologies is going to be right up your alley. Their network of integrated co-innovation labs is known all over the world.

4: Google

You can’t start a list of IT companies in India without mentioning the head honcho. From incredible infrastructure to an amazingly creative work culture to constantly evolving and improving procedures, Google is the dream company for many young IT professionals.

5: Amazon

Not everyone can be as rich as Jeff Bezos but working at Amazon might make you feel like it. This billion dollar company has an extensive list of departments and positions for you to apply to. And you never know, this could end up being your lucky break.

6: Wipro

If you’re a pro at coding, a place at Wipro might just be your dream. The way this company uses processing like computing and automation to cater to its customers makes it one of the most lauded success stories in our country. You’re going to want to add your name to their over 1 lakh strong roster of employees if you get the chance.

7: Tech Mahindra

If you’re a fresher looking for a job in one of the top IT companies as well as a life in one of the best cities to live in India, Tech Mahindra will offer you both. This is a company that believes in constant learning and innovation and pushes for bridging barriers between people and nations.

8: Redington India Ltd.

A newer name on the block, Redington India has seen one of the fastest growth trajectories of all IT companies in India. Working with over two hundred international companies, Redington is constantly evolving as it incorporates new technology like AI, robotics and 5G communication.

9: Cisco

Even IT professionals need a break and Cisco is a company that knows that. That’s why along with its focus on strong work ethics, innovation, and collaboration, it also prioritizes employee well-being.

10: Hexaware Technologies Ltd

A global leader in IT and consulting services, Hexaware Technologies believes that automation is the key to transforming customer experiences and truly channeling the digital era.

Those are our picks for the top ten IT companies in India, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Make sure you do your research before applying to any company and good luck with finding a job that’s just right for you!