Top 10 Features Your E-Commerce App Must Have

E-Commerce App

E-Commerce App

The e-commerce industry has garnered immense praise for being easy and convenient to use. And in turn, it has accrued a large user base. Today, thousands of e-commerce apps are available on the market. But only a handful of them is a hit among customers. Those successful apps share one essential trait – they are user-friendly.

No matter how good your products and customer service is, if your app takes an extensive amount of time to use, then it will have a negative impact on your business.

To make your e-commerce app a customer favorite, you need to implement a number of features. You don’t need fancy ones to stand apart from the competition. You only need essential features that work properly. Let’s take a look at the top 10 features recommended by the best mobile app development companies are.

Simple login

A simple login feature will go a long way in signing up a large number of users on your app. Allow customers to register onto your app with existing email addresses as well as social networking accounts like Facebook and Google. This helps customers circumvent the time-consuming process of filling up lengthy signup forms.

Search filters

You may offer a broad range of products on your e-commerce app, however, your app users must be able to find what they’re looking for in just a few steps. Search filters help customers narrow down their search in terms of the price range, color, brand, size, and more. A search bar will allow customers to search for products by entering keywords related to them.

Shopping cart

Give your customers complete control over what they choose to buy with a robust shopping cart. Users like being able to add items to their cart and then review them finally. In the shopping cart section, customers must be able to delete items, increase the number of items and finally review the price breakdown of the products.

Easy in-app payments

After customers finalize their orders in the shopping cart, they will have to pay for the items. This stage of the shopping process must be given special attention, as this is when your app generates revenue. Offer customers a range of payment options such as credit/debit card payments, mobile wallet payments like Paypal, and even cash payments. Furthermore, you can make payments a one-tap process by allowing customers to save their preferred mode of payment.


On confirmation of an order request, your app must be able to instantly generate an invoice. Set up an invoice template that contains essential information like product, product number, tax, delivery charge, and total amount. Apart from issuing invoices within the app, you can also send them to your customers via email and SMS.

Order status tracking

It helps to keep customers updated about where their purchased products are at any given point in time. With an order status tracking feature, your customers will be informed about how long it will take for their products to arrive and what stage of delivery the product is in. Hire reputable mobile app development services for advanced order status tracking features.


A wishlist is a great way to help your customers keep track of the things they would like to purchase in the future. By allowing users to add products into personalized wishlists, they can also keep an eye out for discounts and the product’s availability.


Offer customers exciting subscription options that give them a wide range of benefits. It can include early access to new arrivals, discounts and free delivery. Subscription models will make your customers use and stay loyal to your e-commerce smartphone application.


A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section enables your customers to find quick solutions to questions regarding shopping on your app. This way, you can avoid having a team repetitively answering the same questions over and over again. FAQs must contain information on how to troubleshoot common problems, shopping policies and more.

Feedback & reviews

Allow shoppers to post reviews on products. It can be in the form of smileys, star ratings and even a small comments section. Apart from product reviews, you can also request customer feedback regarding the quality and functions of your app. The suggestions will help optimize your app to better align with your user’s wants.


Launching an e-commerce app is an immensely fruitful venture. Its success rate is strengthened when your app has the right features. By implementing the 10 features we have discussed in this article, you will be well on your way to earn great profits.

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