TN Visa Expert

TN visa is a non-Immigrant Visa for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). It was made public to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that set important trade and economic relationships between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The TN non-immigrant category allows eligible Mexican and Canadian citizens to temporary work in the U.S.A in prearranged job roles at a professional level. NAFTA also improved the business visitor visa sector for Mexican and Canadian citizens.

TN Visa Application

The application process is different for Canadians and Mexican. Our TN visa expert has set out the different methods below.

An essential condition to keep in mind for both Mexican and Canadian is that when you apply for TN status, you have to ensure you establish as non-immigrant intent. This will confirm immigration officials a clear motive that you are not intending to stay in the U.S.A on a permanent purpose and that you intend to go back to your home country.

Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizens don’t have to pertain for their TN visas at a U.S.A embassy. Instead, they can just prove their TN eligibility (and thus get TN status) at the time they attempt to be accepted to the U.S.A.

Canadian Citizens must show the following documents:

1.      Proof that you are a Canadian citizen: you just have to prove anyhow that you are a citizen of Canada

2.     Any applicable fees: you have to provide application fees that are required for your TN visa processing.

3.      The Approval Notice for your Form I-129 allocated by the USCIS

It will be a useful intention to get a copy of your Form I-129 and related supporting papers with you that were delivered to the USCIS because the CBP Officer can inquire about your eligibility. An inquiry fee may be needed at this point.

Mexican Citizens

Mexican citizens have to apply for TN status by following the formal process. In this case, you have to follow these major steps:-

1. First of all complete the Online Visa Application Form

2. Then Schedule an Interview at the U.S.A embassy. This is a much difficult stage to accomplish.

3. Get ready for your interview with the following documents-

  1. Your passport that has at least 6 months validity.
  2. The Form of DS-160 confirmation page.
  3. The token from your payment of the application payment.
  4. A valid photograph.
  5. Your contract letter of employment.
  6. The Intent of your entry.
  7. An explanation of your employment duties.
  8. Your duration of stay in the U.S.A.
  9. Your credentials and educational prerequisites.
  10. Arrangements for your fee.
  11. Documents that can verify you meet the least prerequisites of your relevant NAFTA profession.
  12. The Embassy may impose more documents.

How long can anyone stay in the U.S.A on a TN Visa?

The primary duration a TN visa can be permitted for is 3 years. According to the statement, TN visas can be extended in three-year increments indefinitely as long as the holder satisfies all the requirements. The reality of extending the TN visa is unfortunately not that much easy. There are numerous factors that can impact on the time you can stay in the U.S. on a TN visa.

However, the current laws and ordinances specify that you can work and live in the U.S. for 3 years on a TN visa. Meanwhile, the immigration officials just examine that your TN visa is valid and legal. This will be specified when you apply and is normally based on the period that your job in the U.S.A will last. The employment letter is given to you, therefore, ensure the time period is noted, is valid.

TN Visa Renewal

Like many other Visas, your TN Visa will require to be renewed. Below are the approaches for reapplying or extending for your TN Visa:

Extending TN visa

If you want to extend the duration that your TN visa is legal, your employer can file a Form named I-129 extension to petition the USCIS. If your career proceeds to fulfill the TN prerequisites, your stay will be enlarged.

There are certain time periods and processing times that relate to extension petitions. Your employer cannot file an expansion petition before 6 months until the end of your existing TN visa. Processing times for this expansion can take anything from 2 – 7 months. However, USCIS has a premium processing service accessible at extra cost. Processing time on this premium service is decreased at 15 calendar days.

Reapplying for TN Status

You can re-apply for your TN visa at a port of entry. This might be a simpler way to lengthen your TN status. Rather than waiting for the USCIS to process your expansion request. In this situation, you leave the U.S.A and then again head towards another U.S.A port of entry to fulfill the same application method as your first application. Although there are risks connected to this strategy, which you should bear in mind.

However, after reading these data above, you should understand everything you want to know about the various types and stages of TN Visas. Check out our website to get help from experts in this field. That will make your task much easier.