Tips to Get Your Home Monsoon Ready

Monsoons are good as they make the surrounding lush green and allure you to get indulged in the rains. Along with this, it is also a fact that monsoon makes the place gloomy and dull as the sun plays a spoilsport for the maximum time of the day. The waterborne diseases rise during the monsoon season as there is a huge growth of fungus and algae. They can make you seriously ill and hence you need to get a water Purifier on rent.

Most of the time, your homes have to suffer a lot because the monsoons as they bring in dampness, smelling rooms, and leakage on the roofs. The moist patches on the wooden furniture and the walls give an ugly look to your house. You should take special care of your house to make them monsoon ready. We have mentioned some of the best tips that would help you to prevent your house from the hazards of monsoon.

Tips to make your house monsoon-proof

Scrutinize your house before the monsoon arrives – Much before the monsoon invades your house, you should check out for the possible leakages and cracks on your walls and roofs. You should check them and get them repaired by the professionals. This will prevent the rainwater to pour in through the walls and dampen your house.

Plan foolproof care for the wooden furniture – You should avoid polishing your wooden furniture at the time of monsoon, as the varnish would dry because of the moisture. This will cause more damage to the furniture. You should get the polish done much before the monsoon season so that they dry put well. The furniture should be often wiped with a dry cloth during the monsoon season.

Keep up the ventilation system – The ventilation system of every house should be well maintained. This way you would be able to keep away the diseases. When fresh air can pass through your house, it would help you to lessen the dampness and you can stay much away from any kind of viral fever or allergic issues.

Check the electric wires of your house – When you have theTV on rent, refrigerator, washing machine and other electronic gadgets you should keep a check on the electric wires attached to it. Electric wires become a danger for your home during the monsoons. They can cause short-circuit due to dampness. To avoid such hazards, check the health of the wires before the monsoon.

Keep the drains clean and clear – The congested drains are the birthplace of mosquitoes and other dangerous germs. Call up a proficient plumber who can get the drains checked and cleared. All these should be done well in advance before the arrival of the monsoons. Only then you can relax and enjoy the raindrops peacefully.

Mosquitoes are not just annoying but can also be carriers of deadly diseases. They thrive in warm and humid environments, making homes the perfect breeding ground for them. However, there are several ways to remove mosquitoes from home and keep your family safe.

Eliminate any standing water in your home or yard as this is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Check for any leaky faucets or areas where rainwater collects and take action to rectify them immediately. Secondly, install screens on all windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house. Use mosquito nets over beds to protect yourself while sleeping.

Use mosquito repellents such as creams or sprays on exposed skin when spending time outdoors during peak mosquito hours (dawn and dusk).

Get the AC servicing done – During the monsoons, the level of humidity goes high and you require the AC the most during this time. The dry air of the AC and sufficient cooling ensures your comfort level. That is the reason why servicing AC is quite important. You should get the AC cleaned and maintained to avoid a breakdown during the monsoons.

When you have taken all the early measures of monsoon, you will be working from home effectively. Therefore, do not delay in making the pre-monsoon arrangements.