TheWiSpy: Best App to Monitor Employees Devices Remotely



Employee monitoring app is an excellent tool for business owners in many ways. If you have a remote functioning office, then you might be aware of the difficult situations you face every day. Employee surveillance app helps to monitor the daily progress of employees.

Making a project successful takes a lot of hard work but not every team member contributes at the same level. They might waste working hours behind your back because you can’t monitor them all day.

With the help of remote employee monitoring software, you can keep track of staff activities and improve their productivity. The market is full of great options, but TheWiSpy has gained popularity in the past few years. That’s because it offers exceptional employee tracking functions with Great quality.

TheWiSpy- Overview:

TheWiSpy is a comprehensive android monitoring app that can help you keep the record of your employees. You can check their online email exchanges, location, progress report, and monitor many other actions using one app.

You don’t even have to bother doing anything because, with the latest technology, offers remote monitoring. So not only can you monitor your workers but also control their devices remotely. Moreover, it works in stealth mode, so you don’t have to worry about sneaking on traitors and catch them in the act using the best monitoring app.

How does it work?

You should always know about the working of an app to get its full benefits. May it be the features or the installation, you must have enough knowledge to operate it like a pro. Lucky for you, TheWiSpy is a simple working app that you can learn to use quickly.

TheWiSpy is an innovative tool with unique features that works exceptionally. It is a mobile monitoring app that works in stealth mode, you can click on any feature, and TWS will start fetching information. The tracked data is uploaded on the online portal, where you as an end-user can view it.

What are the price packages?

You can’t neglect your budget no matter how big your company is, and you’ll find good options but with expensive packages. TheWiSpy is the opposite of that; you can get reasonable packages that fit exactly what you want. Generally speaking, there are three offers you can choose from TheWiSpy.

  • Standard package:

The standard package is designed for employers that need to check back and forth on the productivity of their employees. It also includes tracking the employee’s social life to ensure they’re working during office timing. It might seem unnecessary to some people, but you need a quality android monitoring app if you want your business to grow. TheWiSpy offers an excellent plan for $19.99 only.

  • Premium package:

Nothing feels better than catching a traitor in the office and ruin their plans before they destroy your company secrets. TheWiSpy offers a premium package that has advanced features and remote commands that can change how you operate your office. You can make changes on your employee’s device remotely and ensure productivity. The premium package is available for $29.99 only.

  • Starter package:

You can start with a low, such as if you’re not familiar with the functioning of remote employee monitoring software. Or you want the software for a short period, and then it’s a good fit for you. It is for 15 days, and you can use all features for just $9.99.

Is it compatible with all android devices?

Yes, TheWiSpy is undoubtedly compatible with cell phones that are android. So, no matter what model is your phone from, TWS can work smoothly on it. But you must check for a surety that your cell phone has a 4.0 version because TheWiSpy does not support the below versions.

How is it better from other employee tracking apps?

The purpose of an employee tracking app is to provide you unique functions that you can’t do manually. If you’re investing your time and money, then you must get the best offer. TheWiSpy is an exceptional app that has so many qualities. You can read some in this article.

  • Remote functions:

Imagine yourself in a scenario where you find your teammate slipping company information, and you can’t do anything. This is because firstly, you don’t have enough knowledge, and secondly, it’s out of your control.

But TheWiSpy offers remote functions that can be very helpful in this situation. You can find out which employee is deceiving you, and with the help of remote commands, you can delete files from their devices. You can prevent any loss because TWS makes you prepared.

  • Effective results:

It offers highly effective results for your business. That’s how TheWiSpy works; you will experience excellent outputs by using the software. The main thing that has helped clients in the past is that the employee monitoring app helped them get a more systematic office and made them more productive.

Real-time outputs:

It is essential to get real-time outputs because you want to act instantly. TheWiSpy can help you achieve that by offering real-time resulted features. For example, you can get the live location of your employee or hear real-time conversations remotely.

  • Falls under budget:

TheWiSpy has the most affordable price plans for all your needs. You can visit the official website of TWS to get the package your desire. You’ll not regret purchasing it because it comes with great features and at such low rates.

  • Diversity:

Diversity is one of the main qualities that TheWiSpy has; you can use it for multiple purposes. It is an excellent employee monitoring app and parental control tool; you can also use it to monitor your spouse if you find something fishy.

TheWiSpy- Employee tracking features:

Call log monitoring:

It is common among employees to call their friends and talk for hours during their duty. It is a time fraud for a company and wastage of resources. Why would you hire someone so they can do their chores during work hours? Exactly, so keep track of them that either they’re talking to clients for business or goofing around. It will surely boost up the productivity in the office.

Text message spy:

Texting during work timing sounds horrible; not only are employees distracted, but they are building the habit of wasting time. You can control that by keeping track of their message chats. TheWiSpy offers a highly incredible text message spy that gives you access to the target device’s chat. As a result, you can restrict their use and take suitable actions instantly.

Email monitoring:

Emails are the primary source of communication in business, and if one of your employees ever deceives, you can find out from the email exchanges. For example, if your HR team is taking your money without knowledge, they’ll get emails from banks. With the help of TheWiSpy email monitoring, you can check their bank statements and catch the traitor.

Surround recording:

When you know that your employees are meeting with your competitors, you must hear the conversation yourself. There can be multiple reasons; first, you might doubt your workers to deceive you when they offer something big. And secondly, it’s for your own peace. Regardless, you can now hear to that by using the surround recording feature. It will record the talking and then send the audio to the account.

Monitor Camera:

Sometimes listening isn’t enough, and you want to see what’s going on in the meeting. The solution is a camera moniroting feature that can provide you good quality and real-time pictures. It works amazingly; you command the camera to take photos. And once the task is done, the remote employee monitoring software uploads it to the account.


It is an upgrade for the GPS monitor feature, and you get to put geographical restrictions on your employee’s devices. Such as you can block them from going out of the office building during working hours, and when they do, you’ll get alerts. It’s even better for remote working employees because you can know either they’re home working or doing personal chores outside. So, it’s an excellent tool for increasing productivity.

Multimedia access:

If your team member got confidential information that you’re worried about they might leak, you could remove it remotely. That’s right, and you can delete, update and block using TheWiSpy remote commands. You won’t have to explain your employees and get the job completed.

Memo alerts:

You can get access to business memos of your employee using the advanced feature. Whenever they write a memo, you’ll receive an alert so you can proofread it before it gets sent. One important thing is that you can put keylogger restrictions on certain words so when they type the word, you’ll get alerts.

GPS location Tracker:

If you feel your employees are lying about where they’re when they ask for sudden leaves or work from home, you can find out the truth. And it is doable by using the GPS location tracking feature. It will detect the live location of the target and send you updates. So, in some minutes, you’ll find out about the real reason why your workers are not working.


You can see many advantages of TheWiSpy app that none other best cell phone monitoring apps can provide in the market. You’ll never find the perfect app than this because it has unlimited features at such affordable prices. As a result, you can make significant progress in work and make your team comfortable around the office.