The Complete Guide to Taking Photos with Your Smartphone

Taking Photos with Your Smartphone

Taking Photos with Your Smartphone

Even if you’re a complete beginner at creating photos with your smartphone, it’s easy to fix. Following just a few simple tips will allow you to take pictures that are almost as good as professional ones. And they will certainly impress your friends and family. In this post below, you can take some valuable tips for yourself that will allow you not only to take a decent picture but also to edit it properly if necessary.

Editing Your Best Pictures

Don’t think your first photo will be perfect. Any image for publication in magazines or websites goes through the processing stage. So be gentle with yourself and patiently apply the tips below. And you will notice that in a short period of time you will learn how to process images with high quality.

Crop ‘Til You Drop

No one is immune to the fact that a seemingly good photo can be spoiled by something that happened to be in the frame. For example, it could be trash or strangers in a family photo. Fortunately, this can easily be corrected with cropping.

But just don’t overdo it. The latter can be just as detrimental to quality photos as the unfortunate background of the photo itself. However, in good hands, cropping is a great tool that allows you to accentuate the background and turn a nice photo into a masterpiece.

You can crop photo using some phone app or online editing service. Most of them are free and let you play around to make as many experiments with your photos as you wish.

Lighting Is The Way

Somewhere in a galaxy far away, there may be an ideal world where natural light is always good and the pictures taken in it do not require editing. However, in our world the quality of the photos you take depends a lot on the time of day. But in this case there are special tools for adjusting brightness and contrast.



The main last tip is the same as the previous one – do not overdo it: too much brightness will make the photo too blurry, while the opposite settings will give you a perfect example of what a photo taken in a cave could be like.

The Colors Will Set You Free

Despite the fact that many people really love black and white photos, color shots allow you to convey emotions and mood more. Moreover, to improve the result, you can use special settings or applications that allow you to adjust the hues and their saturation.

Thanks to this, you can not only change the colors of the photo but also its brightness, making the resulting image the highest quality and saturation. By the way, many modern smartphones already have built-in Auto Color or Color Blocking functions designed to create truly colorful pictures.

How To Get Decent Shots

The photos we take with our mobile phones not only allow us to save another exciting moment in our lives but also help to leave the memory of it forever. Just imagine how much pleasure you can get by reviewing such moments. Therefore, the better the photos, the brighter and more pleasant our memories will be in years to come.

Taking Photos with Your Smartphone

Taking Photos with Your Smartphone

Use The Grid Lines

Photography is an art that requires a lot of calculations to create the perfect shot. This allows you to accentuate the image and get a great result. Grid lines can help you do this. Many phone camera apps allow you to use them to achieve the most precise placement of all the elements in the frame. Grid lines can be 3×3, 4×4, or the golden ratio; the last option is the most popular among professionals.

Remember To Focus

Despite the seeming obviousness of this point, some inexperienced users of smartphone camera apps often forget about it. In the meantime, to focus the camera, you just need to tap the point on the screen where you want to move the main focus.

Avoid The Zoom

While top smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 are equipped with incredible zooms that allow you to take clear pictures even from afar, it is best to use them only in extreme cases. After all, any attempt to edit such photos, any zoom, will give them an ugly pixelated look. Therefore zoom is best avoided in those cases where additional editing of the photo may be needed.

Wipe Your Lens

It’s a relatively simple but very important tip that will allow you to avoid ruining your pictures simply by not wiping down the lens in time. You have your smartphone with you all the time, you don’t always pick it up with clean hands or you might lean it against your face during a call. Therefore, always carry a tissue with you that you can use to wipe the lens of your phone well right before the photo shoot.

Getting Started With Mobile Photography

Last but not least, I would like to give a final, but no less important recommendation on this matter – choose the optimal smartphone for taking high-quality pictures. The two best new products with top cameras at the moment are, for example, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Ultra and the Google Pixel 6 Pro. They have simply superior cameras, sensors and photo editing capabilities.