The Best Commercial Cloud Storage Options In Australia  

The Best Commercial Cloud Storage Options In Australia  

The Best Commercial Cloud Storage Options In Australia  

Many Cloud storage providers offer services to Australian businesses and government agencies. Some of these providers offer little more than a basic online storage facility for files whilst others offer a whole range of Cloud computing services that can be used in tandem with their storage packages. We’ll cover both types in our rundown of the most popular service providers in Australia today. Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this article, you will know which provider offers the best cloud storage in Australia for your specific needs.

Your basic cloud storage options in Australia

If all you need is a convenient, secure Cloud storage facility where you can keep important documents and other files, the following service providers will almost certainly be able to meet your needs:

  • Dropbox — One of the first and most well-known storage providers, Dropbox offers a range of options designed for businesses and government agencies. Dropbox Business is more than just a file storage solution, it’s a smart, online workspace too.
  • OneDrive — OneDrive, from Microsoft, is another Cloud storage service that also facilitates collaboration in the workplace as long as everyone understands how OneDrive file requests work. With SSL encryption, it offers commercial users a very safe place to store sensitive files.
  • Box — Box for Business is another favourite storage option for commercial and public sector users in Australia. Easily integrated with Office 365, Salesforce and other popular business applications, Box allows commercial users to choose which storage zone they would like to use. For Australian users, the Asian zone makes the most sense.

For basic Cloud storage, any of these service providers should have you covered but if you need a more powerful and flexible Cloud storage solution, where you can create large databases and access the data they contain through Cloud apps and services, you will find what you need in the next section.

Advanced Cloud storage and compute options in Australia

If you want a complete Cloud solution that offers much more than just a storage location for documents and images, these are the most popular service providers in the country today:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) — If you are looking for the best Cloud storage and Cloud compute services available, AWS should definitely be at or near the top of your list. With more services, more resources and a greater network reach than any other service provider, AWS is a favourite among many private and public sector organisations in Australia.
  • Microsoft Azure — Coming a close second to AWS is Azure, the business Cloud platform from Microsoft. It also offers a raft of Cloud compute and storage options that are suitable for enterprises of all sizes.
  • Google Cloud — A little further behind in third place comes Google Cloud, with a good selection of enterprise-ready storage and compute services.

All of these advanced cloud storage options offer direct connections to data centres across the globe from Australia, making them an excellent choice for commercial and public sector organisations who prioritise performance.