Soft Skills Every Remote Employer is Looking For



These days, dining rooms and kitchen islands are doubling as remote offices and study rooms. Remote learning is the present and likely our futures, especially as we weather the current coronavirus situation. High school students, in particular, are trading in commutes and classrooms for virtual portals, pre-recorded lessons, and interactive new tools. Online high school courses not only allow students to study at their own pace, but virtual learning also helps them build important skillsets which remote employers are eagerly looking for in this new age of remote work.

Taking Initiative

While students are accustomed to the benefits of in-class learning, the reality is that virtual communication is becoming increasingly routine as businesses at every level look to streamline their tasks. The ability to take initiative — whether that’s starting tasks during class hours without procrastination, or reaching out to instructors through their virtual office hours — is a crucial skill for high school students to embrace.

Unlike traditional workplaces, students transitioning to virtual jobs won’t have the advantage of having their employer or supervisor in-house.

They must practice taking on tasks and problem-solving independently — setting their own goals and reaching out for assistance only when needed. And virtual study helps foster these kinds of soft skills inherently.

Organization is Key

Working or studying remotely comes with the added responsibility of staying organized and on-task. Without teachers or educational assistants to monitor students in real-time, it’s up to the students to lay out a schedule and complete their assignments by the given deadline. There are tools available to students to help them stick to their new routine.

As high school graduates begin their search for remote work, employers will expect that they have the organizational tools and the self-starting mentality to complete the tasks they’re given with efficiency and timeliness in mind.

Technical Know-How

Students who study online through a virtual high school bring their natural technical and communication skills with them each day. Remote communication is what most employers are relying on nowadays — and collaboration has moved from office meeting rooms to multiple laptops connected to one virtual chatroom.

Current remote high school students have the advantage of already being immersed in this world day to day — most lessons are conducted online or pre-recorded and have portals for students to complete group assignments. These assignments foster collaborative thinking and problem solving, which are major assets in the new remote reality.

This is going to stand out to employers, as students who come to the interview table with these skills pre-developed will go right to the top of the hiring list.

Staying Motivated

Without the office atmosphere and seeing your coworkers in-person during the week, it can be difficult to stay excited about the work that needs to be done in a virtual space — and the same goes for students used to socializing with their peers and teachers in a more interactive environment. As they begin to transition from school to the professional world, staying motivated is an important quality to maintain.

Employers want to know their potential hires will stay motivated about the work even with the change in the environment. eLearning fosters motivation in students as they are responsible for setting and meeting their own deadlines and must rely on their own time management skills to succeed.

Skills gained through remote study combined with the right motivational tools will not only help students succeed in school but will carry them into the workforce with considerable advantages.