5 Reasons Why AR is Important for E-commerce



Hitherto, online shopping has had one big drawback – the inability to deliver a reliable personal experience always. It is challenging to sell some items online because of the inability to predict their performance or appearance in real life. But now with the emergence of AR solutions for e-commerce, that concern is slowly disappearing.

AR is not a new concept, but its impact on the e-commerce industry hasn’t been around for long. Already businesses are experiencing the magic as personalization tools for ecommerce improve business results. If you are wondering how AR technologies can put clients in a digital environment and transform your e-commerce business, here are five reasons why this is important for e-commerce.

Reason 1: To Improve the Marketing Segment

As you search for new and better ways to market your e-commerce business, look no further than AR solutions. The impact of AR on advertising has never been more blatant. By letting shoppers discover details about a product through a simple scan with the phone and shop virtually, AR has made marketing extremely interactive.

Thanks to AR for e-commerce, you can now use your phone to scan an item and get loads of information about the item in an advertisement. A hotel advertisement magazine might include and generate a QR code that leads to all the beautiful amenities available.  Information can also be accessed via a business card that leads one to a business or personal website.

Reason 2: To Trigger the Urge to Visit the Store

Did you know that despite the emergence of e-commerce, many people still like to shop physically? According to a recent survey by Raydiant called “State of the In-store Experience Report”, close to 50% of consumers would rather shop in person than online.

This does not in any way suggest that the e-commerce space is about to shrink at any time. Instead, this trend portrays the desire for convenience. E-commerce owners have been presented with a challenge – they must make sure that the online store feels more like the physical one.

Reason 3: For the Exploration of Virtual Showrooms

For an even more exciting online shopping experience, the online business can harness the power of AR to develop virtual showrooms. Shoppers can enjoy a virtual experience of the store from the comfort of their living rooms or offices. The experience is almost as good as one would get from a conventional store visit.

Many industries can harness this technology and give their customers this amazing experience that makes shopping fun and easier. Furniture and department stores are some of the areas I have witnessed the Virtual Showrooms solution.

The whole idea is to give the customer an immersive experience much better than what they are getting from basic online shopping.

Reason 4: Clients to Visualize Products

E-commerce businesses need to adopt AR to help the customer visualize the product before buying. Indeed, most businesses have been trying to be the best in implementing the “try before buying” concept. While VR can help in this area, AR makes things more real.

AR for e-commerce has gotten rid of the struggle of imagining how a product would like in a place. Hitherto, instances of shoppers returning unsatisfactory products to the store have been many. With AR technology, the retailer can allow the consumer to choose the product that best fits their application.

The Zolak product is an ideal example of how AR has transformed the shopping experience with the most amazing product visualization features.

Reason 5: Clients to Use Virtual try-on Features

Have you ever visited an online store in search of shoes, but still ended up visiting the physical store because you weren’t sure how the shoe would look on you?

With the arrival of AR for e-commerce, this uncertainty has been solved once and for all. The virtual try-on feature helps shoppers see how a product would look on them. People are using the feature to buy eyeglasses, shoes, and even makeup.

You may have already interacted with these features on Instagram Filters where you click hats or sunglasses and you appear to be wearing them.

Apart from solving clients’ immediate concerns, the virtual try-on feature can help an e-commerce business stay ahead of the competition.

Introduce your clients to AR for E-commerce

AR for e-commerce is just getting started. While this technology remains applicable in the e-commerce industry, you can bet that many online retailers and other businesses will continue to discover new ways of implementing AR in their operations.

The reasons we have outlined in this post are just only what we were able to talk about today –an e-commerce business can accrue much more from this technology. That means you are right on time to gain a competitive advantage by adopting e-commerce for your business.

If you are ready to take it to the next step, don’t hesitate to let Zolak AR solutions improve e-commerce. Get started today!