Mobile App Promotion for Startups: A Highly Effective Approach 



If you are a startup business, you must know about the  application promotion process. As thousands of apps join the app store every year, adopting the right marketing and promotion strategy is challenging.

You can also hire the best app development companies to develop a robust mobile app which helps to gain more exposure for your startup business.

So, if you are looking for the proper mobile application engagement methods or app marketing guide, know that it is not impossible, even if it seems complicated.

Is it possible to prepare for mobile app marketing during development? 

The marketing of the mobile app during development is undoubtedly possible. A few things to consider during this process includes:

  • Making the app easily searchable for your audience.
  • Implementing app analytics for tracking ups and downs.
  • Integrating push notifications to keep customers engaged.

Can one boost mobile app visibility?

If you are looking for ways to boost mobile app visibility, then know there are various channels to gain app visibility, like submitting apps on promotion sites, publishing an app on alternative app stores, or conducting giveaways and contests.

Here are some practical approaches to adopt for promoting and digital marketing mobile apps.

1) Know your Target Audience

Before developing a mobile app, the first thing to keep in mind is to choose the right audience and understand them. This is of great importance because if you don’t know your target audience, you won’t be able to target your marketing efforts.

It is vital to understand and comprehend who you are selling to from their lifestyle, demographics, spending habits, age and recreational habits. Therefore, adopting the right mobile app marketing strategies will save your time, money, and you from the wrong marketing investment.

2) Know your Close Competitors

As thousands of apps are joining the store every year, the demand for mobile app development companies is also increasing. So, to outperform in this competitive marketing, you must always keep your competitors in your head and work accordingly.

For instance, knowing your competitors and their strategies will help you with marketing ideas about what worked for them and what didn’t. Besides, it will also help you to stand out from the crowd by setting your own strategies and goals.

However, if you lack knowledge, you can seek help from any mobile app development company. This can be of great help because many mobile apps fall behind due to a lack of marketing strategy knowledge.

3) Approach for App Store Optimization (ASO)

Nowadays, most of us surf the app stores to find and download apps. In such a case, creating a helpful store page that people will be able to find easily will have a significant impact on your mobile app development startup.

So, to make your app optimized for the app store and to make it different from others, one must wisely use keywords, high-quality screenshots, appealing icons, descriptive titles, detailed descriptions, and many more things to stand out.

4) Do Pre-launch Marketing 

Once you are done with identifying the target app project audience, competitors, and products, it’s time for you to do Pre-launching marketing before its launch. In simple words, before the app development, create an effective startup marketing strategy.

So basically, there are two types of pre-launch mobile application marketing strategy including –

Content marketing- All you need is a simple WordPress website to promote your app in this way of marketing. However, make sure you keep it active via creating a buzz on social media platforms, releasing short videos, and much more.

Viral marketing- Besides another way to grow your user base, a thirty-second promotional video can be of great help for a startup. So you can make use of video marketing as it drives the most engagement.

5) Enable Push Notifications

Another great strategy for mobile app promotion is by enabling push notifications. The real reason behind this is that it will keep your app at the forefront of users and their minds, which will boost customer engagement.

Therefore, reminding your users about your app from time to time will not only keep them engaged but also help you stay connected to your loyal customers.

6) Use Social Media Influencers

As nowadays, social media influencers have a high impact. Every marketer is crazy about influencer marketing, so don’t make the mistake of leaving them behind.

In simple words, in terms of digital marketing, social proof is everything, and no one else other than influencers can do this better.

This is undoubtedly one of the great mobile application engagement methods, as half of the consumers rely on recommendations from influencers. So, collaborate and promote your app to increase downloads on your startup app.

What are the Two Stages of Mobile App Promotion Strategies?

Basically, there are two types of mobile app promotion strategies, the pre-launch and post-launch marketing approaches.

1) Pre-launch Marketing & Promotions – It simply enables one to create app awareness in the market. It is done through adopting many strategies such as –

  • Releasing data finalization.
  • Outreaching initiatives.
  • Creating an excellent app landing page
  • Creating social media profiles.
  • Making apps easy to share.

2) Post-launch Marketing & Promotions – It simply focuses on getting as many downloads on your apps as possible. However, this is done through –

  • Pay-per-click.
  • Email campaigns to get app attention.
  • Awards application.
  • Gaining downloads through visibility apps.

Therefore, both post-launch and pre-launch mobile application marketing strategies work amazingly. If you put in exemplary efforts, then you can get millions of downloads on your app which can genuinely turn into your loyal customers.

Also, remember not to give up in between or even after you get downloads, as the focus should be to grow and not get stuck or left behind in the competition.

Moving Forward: Grow your app with the right strategy! 

With growing apps, their quick development and launch are increasing rapidly. Also, now there are many ways of promoting an app for Startups. As a result, this can be highly beneficial if you know your audience entirely.

However, one must fully understand and have complete knowledge of mobile app development and choose the right promotional strategy to bring in new users and retain existing ones. Thus, the success of your mobile startup app not only depends on the right development approach, but also upon your marketing and promotional strategies.