How To Use VPN To Watch Movies On Streaming Platforms         



If you’re trying to get around to catching up on your new favourite series while travelling around the world or watching a show that is only available in some countries and hasn’t been released in others, oh boy—you’re in for a super tough time.

However, these issues aren’t impossible to solve. With a high-quality streaming VPN service, you can easily switch between locations and unblock any geo-locked content, irrespective of your location.

Subscription services differ significantly according to the location of their users

We’re used to assuming that the subscription services we use are the same everywhere in the world and that the content that is available to us is the same as what’s available to cousins and friends using the same service in other countries.

Now, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many subscription services, including big names like Netflix and Amazon Prime, have contracts with media companies to host their movies and TV shows and make them available in specific markets. This means that shows available to you may not be available to people in other countries. Likewise, if you see an ad on Netflix’s Facebook account about a new movie release and you aren’t able to find it in your app, well, that’s exactly what we meant.

This blocking of content in different regions of the world is called geo-blocking and can be pretty annoying and can sometimes make subscribers feel like they are being cheated—after all, they’re paying full price for a service that isn’t providing them with the full range of content.

If you, too, feel that this is a little unfair, you’re not wrong. But again, this is not a problem that can’t be solved. In this article, we will talk about streaming movies online using a high-quality VPN for streaming.

How a VPN works

Just like every home has an address, every device has an IP address assigned to it. These are categorized geographically so you know which country a device belongs to and highlight individual devices in a system.

Now, these are where VPNs come in. When a device wants to visit a website, the only way that its location can be determined is through its IP address. In other words, if this IP address was to be changed to another location, a previously blocked site could get unblocked, and the user will be able to read, stream and do whatever they want on it.

A VPN does precisely that. VPN applications connect you to a remote and secure server, hiding your IP address, letting you borrow the IP address of the server you’re connected to. This enables you to unlock any geo-barriers to access the content you’ve been looking forward to accessing.

Apart from that, a VPN service also encrypts your internet traffic to ensure that you’re safe online and that your data is kept tucked away from prying eyes. There are several other reasons to use a VPN when planning to go online streaming, but if you want to appear as though you’re sitting in a whole other country, it’s quite indispensable.

With a VPN, you no longer have to constantly worry about configuring your PC or other devices and plug in the IP address of a different country; the VPN will take care of it all! Furthermore, VPN applications allow you to switch between several different locations and countries in the world with just one click.

Having said that, it must be kept in mind that IP addresses aren’t the only ways to figure out someone’s location. There are other things like cookie data and device settings that can give you away.

How to use a VPN to watch movies on platforms 

Using a streaming VPN to watch movies on different platforms are easy. All you need to do is make sure you’re subscribed to a high-quality VPN, and voila! You’re ready to watch any movie you’ve ever wanted, whether it’s in your country or not.

Furthermore, another advantage of using a VPN for streaming movies on different platforms, is that it can help you bypass internet issues like ISP throttling, making sure that you get to enjoy high internet speeds at all times. Just follow these steps to take to stream movies on different platforms using VPNs.

  1. Subscribe to a high-quality streaming VPN service
  2. Download the application that is relevant to your device
  3. Switch your location to a remote and secure server using the one-tap button
  4. Enjoy streaming movies on different platforms anytime you want to!


Now that you know how to use a VPN to watch movies and TV shows online, let us know what you think about this guide and if there are any questions you’d like to ask us, feel free to leave them down in the comments section!