How to Find the Best Tech Deals Online



The only thing that’s sweeter than getting your hands on a new piece of tech is when you manage to do so and save some money along the way. Bargain hunting, sales, coupons, and much more can make a real tech deals hunter out of you. 

Here are some helpful ideas that can assist you in finding the best tech deals online. 

Compare prices

This is hardly a piece of revolutionary advice, but before you depart from your hard-earned cash, do some virtual window shopping and compare prices of the tech you are interested in. 

To do so, you can use sites like Google Shopping or PriceGrabber, which list where a particular item is available at the lowest prices. You can also add a price tracker extension such as CamelCamelCamel to your web browser to keep track of prices offered by Amazon and other major online retailers. 

You should also sign up for email newsletters and follow your favorite stores’ social media accounts to receive a heads-up on unique tech deals you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Consider refurbished tech

Sure, there is some excitement to be gained from being the first to own a particular piece, but don’t knock refurbished items that easily. When they come from a reputable source, refurbished gadgets are virtually as good as new ones. 

These days, a lot of refurbished gear comes with a guarantee and warranty, so you’ll still have the security of purchasing a verified gadget—and the discounts can be substantial. 

Many big tech companies, including Dell and Apple, have refurbished storefronts of their own,  so you don’t have to worry about the hardware dying on you after a few months. Again, double-check the age and specs of whatever you’re buying so you can make a proper comparison with the prices for the newest, top-end models.

Shop one generation below the current one 

Before you start shopping, do some research, find out what you want from a new device and what bells and whistles do not interest you. Once you do that, you’ll soon see that a bit older tech equipment can satisfy your needs just as well as the latest model that’s hot off the presses. 

The main thing to learn here is the difference between cheaper items because of their inferior quality and reduced price because a fresh new model has entered the market. In general, you can’t make a mistake with buying last year’s flagship model today. 

Choose the right time to shop 

When searching for a great tech deal online, proper timing is crucial. In general, the best deals’ season starts with Black Friday and lasts all the way to Christmas, but there are some exceptions and variations. 

Keep in mind that the most significant reductions during this period will be on older, mid-range tech rather than the very top-end items, though.

If you are after the best of the best that the tech market has to offer, wait until immediately before or after an updated version arrives. For Apple and Samsung devices, for instance, the best time to shop would be September and February, respectively, as they tend to introduce their latest models the following month.

Use coupons and discount offers 

There are coupons and discount deals for almost anything you can imagine, as long as you know where to look. There is no need for you to even go shopping online before finding a discount of some kind. 

You can rely on a Google search or dedicated apps, or try one of several sites dedicated to gathering information on coupons and discounts. Sometimes, all it takes to get a discount for Currys is a simple click, while some processes might be a bit more involved. 

Beware of dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing is a bit of a shady thing that some retailers practice. Basically, they change the price depending on your browsing history, whether it’s the first time you’ve visited their site or not, and even if you are accessing the site via a computer or a mobile device. 

To avoid this, clear your browsing history, delete all cookies, and sign out of your social media. Then, visit the retailer’s website using Private or Incognito mode. It sounds like a lot of hassle, but the price drop you might see will make all the troubles worth it.

Leave items in your cart

This one is not super ethical, but if the retailers get to play tricks, it’s only right to fight fire with fire. See, there is this phenomenon called Shopping cart abandonment that causes online retailers to lose a great deal of money every year, and they will do whatever it takes to avoid that loss. 

Many sites will send a savings offer in a follow-up email if you abandon your shopping cart if you just sit back and wait. This is a great way to score a 10–20% off coupon code with little effort. Patience truly is a virtue sometimes.

Buy online, but pick up in-store

Many retailers have exclusive online-only offers that you can take advantage of if they have a physical store somewhere near you. 

Simply order the item you want and have it shipped to the store. That way, you won’t have to pay for any shipping costs.  

If the item is in stock at the store you are going to, you might even be able to pick up the item the same day you order it.

Some final words of wisdom

Whatever you are buying, you must do due research before investing your money. This is particularly true when it comes to hunting for tech deals online. 

Check online reviews before buying anything. And don’t just stop at one review since those can also be biased. If you can see the item you want in person and test it beforehand, do it. 

Make a note of the tech specs you need – different manufacturers have different standards, so an item that is a high-priced, top of the line product for someone can be a mid-range item for someone else.