How to Clear the RAM of your Windows Computer?

Sometimes, it’s not only the virus that causes the computer to slow down in terms of its performance and speed. There are also other factors that can also contribute like a full random access memory or RAM. said that the lack of free RAM in Windows can decrease the PC’s performance and can even prevent apps from running smoothly. However, there are certain things that you can do to clear the RAM and make your computer run smoothly again. 

Basic Ways to Free Up RAM on your Windows Computer

  • Restarting your PC

As per, a lot of computer users may not know it but restarting your computer is the easiest way to clear your memory. Actually, shutting down the PC will remove the overall power of the RAM and eventually clears out the memory. Turning the PC on once again will start the memory ina clean bill.

  • Clearing the PC’s web browser cache 

Clearing your computer’s web browser cache can work wonders for your RAM and eventually boost the performance of your computer. Although the browser is located on the hard drive, a clean browser cache can boost the performance of your computer.

  • Trying alternative apps

If an app is not functioning or working well, the best thing to do is shut it down and try other similar alternative apps. For example, if your Google Chrome web browser is having some problem, you can close it and try Microsoft Edge instead.

  • Updating the software consistently

Once you update your operating system and other apps on a regular basis, it will bring a lot of positive to your computer. It has been observed that failure to update can cause memory leaks which can eventually affect the performance of your PC.

Other Ways to Clear RAM on Windows

  • Removing Startup Programs that are not important

Startup programs, those programs that start automatically when the computer is turned on can take so much memory. Therefore, if there are startup programs that you think are not necessary, feel free to remove them to save memory.

  • Checking memory and removing unusual processes

The task manager can be used to remove all unwanted processes that are degrading the quality of your RAM. suggested that this can be done by going to the task manager and check one by one all the processes and see the problematic process that needs to be removed from the system. 

  • Disabling visual effects

The new Windows 10 offers some improved visual effects that offer a nice user experience to the user. But these improved visuals also eats out a lot of memory that can affect the efficiency of the PC. Turning this feature off will help in your system memory.

  • Clearing background apps

In the Windows Operating System, there are those programs that are being allowed to run by default which also takes the memory. For you to clear the RAM or preserved the memory, you can set your PC and allow only apps that are important. Those unnecessary programs should be turned off. 


Our computer is a complicated electronic gadget that needs maintenance and care to maintain and boost its performance. And one of these maintenance tips is to clear the memory or RAM. It will take a lot of patience in doing but clearing the RAM will come a long way to boost the performance of your PC and make it last longer.