How to Back Up and Restore Android Phone [2 Effective and Safe Methods]

Are there many useful files on your Android phone? If yes, how do you protect them from loss? Accidental data loss is easy to happen in this digital era. For example, OS stuck, operation errors, physical damages, and more will probably cause losing data.

But you can avoid it effectively by backup. It can help you restore data to any other Android device without hassle. Whatever happens to your Android phone, you can get your data from the backup.

See? Backup is vital and helpful. Thus, today we will focus on how to back up and restore Android phones via efficient backup software and solutions.

Easily Back Up and Restore Android Phone via Google Account (Cloud Backup)

If you want to back up your Android files to cloud storage, using your Google account will be an excellent choice. It will automatically save your Android data to Google Drive via your account. So, your backup will not take up your local storage space.

Besides, it is necessary to make sure whether the cloud storage is sufficient before backup. If needed, you can upgrade your cloud space to store more Android files.

Here are the advantages of Google backup:

  • 15GB of free cloud storage on Google.
  • Easy to check your backup data by logging in to your Google account.
  • Support photos, videos, audios, documents, calendars, and more.
  • Seamlessly restore the backup data to other mobile devices.
  • Allow you to restore the deleted files from the trash folder within 30 days.
  • Support you in synchronizing data manually.

Here’s how to back up an Android phone via a Google account:

  • Please open Settings, and click System > Backup. Then switch on Back up to Google Drive, and tap Accounts and Add account to enter your Google account. Next, click Back up now to begin the backup.
back up an Android phone via a Google account
Back up an Android phone via a Google account

Here’s how to restore backup data to the Android phone via the Google account:

  • If you want to restore the backup to the same Android device, you can go to Settings. After that, navigate to Backup, choose your Google account, and tap Sync now.
  • Besides, when you plan to restore data to a new Android phone, you can type your Google account, and restore data during the setup process.
Back Up and Restore Android Phone
Back Up and Restore Android Phone

Swiftly Back Up and Restore Android Phone via Coolmuster Android Backup Manager (Offline Backup)

In addition to cloud backup, backup on a computer is another practical option. Because it can save backup data offline, many people think it more secure than the former. Also, there is more free space you can use on your computer.

Therefore, this one-click backup and restore tool – Coolmuster Android Backup Manager, is an outstanding helper. It can transfer various file types between your phone and computer with original quality. Furthermore, it can work for most brands of Android phones, including Samsung, OnePlus, Google, Sony, Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO, Motorola, ZTE, etc.

Here are the advantages of this Android Backup Manager:

  • Back up almost all Android data to a computer in 1 click.
  • Restore backup data to any Android device without covering existing files.
  • Support contacts, text messages, apps, music, call logs, videos, photos, and books.
  • USB connection helps you back up and restore data without a network.
  • Wi-Fi connection is available to transfer data wirelessly.
  • Read-only and ad-free mode to make the backup and restoration safe.
  • Support Android 4.0 and upper, including Android 11.

Here’s how to fast back up Android data to a computer:

  • Download and install the software on your computer. Then connect your Android phone to the computer via a data cable, and tap Backup.
Coolmuster Android Backup Manager
Coolmuster Android Backup Manager

Finally, select the file types you want, and start the process by hitting Back Up.

Coolmuster Android Backup Manager
Coolmuster Android Backup Manager

Here’s how to restore data to your Android device:

  • After linking your phone to the computer, you can tap Restore, and choose the desired files by category. Then click Restore to transfer the files to your mobile phone.
Coolmuster Android Backup Manager
Coolmuster Android Backup Manager

Wrapping Up

Whether you want to back up and restore your Android phone on cloud storage or your computer, you can now do it easily. Undoubtedly, Google backup is a common way for cloud backup users. But if you prefer to make a backup offline, Coolmuster Android Backup Manager is your suitable decision. It can back up and restore various Android data at once.

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