How technology is pushing power tool evolution

How technology is pushing power tool evolution

How technology is pushing power tool evolution

Power tool technology

In an ever-developing world of technology, the improvements in tech have massively advanced power tools enabling them to become more and more used by nearly everyone for DIY use.

Whilst this reduces work for professionals in some trades it is also being utilized to its maximum by professionals who are getting the most from the improved technology.

The improvement of battery technology and electronics has led to more cordless power tools being sold year on year, and eventually, it’s easy to imagine a time when all power tools will be cordless, excluding industrial tools and machinery.

Cordless power tools and lithium batteries

Lithium batteries have changed the game for the cordless tools they now last longer and charge quicker than their old counterparts the alkaline battery.

The battery now makes up a lot of the cost and is the most expensive part of most power tools replacing the previously most expensive component of the electric motor. You can also follow and read their content for daily tech updates.

Power tool improved features

It’s not just the batteries and power that have improved, they are now commonly built with a wide host of user-friendly features like anti-vibration motors, anti-kickback clutch, dust removal, brushless motors that remain cooler in use improving further the battery life because as we know any heat is wasted energy that is costing the battery energy.

The recharge time can be as little as 1 hour with the new lithium technology add to this the portable nature of power tools it is easy to see why they have gained so much popularity amongst professionals.

Power tool safety

Another often overlooked aspect of power tool advancements is the safety triggers which are standard nowadays. With power tools that have shown to pose risk a higher risk then a 2 action trigger is inbuilt into the tool.

Power tools are strictly regulated and have to pass a whole list of vigorous testing before they are released to the public, this has saved many lives without a doubt.

The good news is there is so much choice when you are looking into buying power tools that with a bit of research you can find decent tools in all the different price brackets, sure your not going to be able to find industrial-grade tools at DIY hobby prices.

Choosing better tools

You can, however, find good quality DIY grade tools at DIY prices. You shouldn’t buy industrial-grade tools if you are just going to be doing a bit of DIY every now and then because you will be wasting your money and it is massive overkill.

You can easily find tools that will complete the tasks you need them for without a massive budget, you just need to do the research into the tools.

This is not hard to do you can look through the previous buyer’s reviews to gauge the reliability and performance of the tools or my go-to way is to use a power tool info site that has done all the research for you saving you time and effort.

For example, I needed a new drill press so instead of looking through the retailers online and trawling through hundreds of reviews I went to a power tool review site and read through there drill press reviews and product guides and found a good quality drill press that is a very well built drill press for under $100.

When it arrived and I had got it set up I wasn’t disappointed with my purchase.

I only needed it for light to medium drilling work so I didn’t need to buy a commercial-grade priced around $250 or an industrial-grade machine at around $1000.

If you are going to be using it on a daily basis or on heavy and thick materials then you should opt for the mid to high price ranged machines so they can withstand such heavy use.


An important factor to take into consideration is the manufacturer’s warranty, always check how long you get and how reliable they are at keeping to there word. That is another advantage of the power tool review sites they have already compiled all the important information for you.

The trend

In the future power tools will be more powerful, more portable and the battery will last a lot longer and with Google trends showing healthy growth in the interest of power tools for the last 5 years source: it is safe to say that consumer spending on these products will help companies spend more money on research and development to stay ahead of the ever-growing competition.