How Can IoT Help Your Construction Company?



The Internet of Things, also known as IoT, has a huge number of potential useful applications for many jobs in many different industries. Although the concept is most commonly discussed when referring to software and technology companies, it can also be of assistance in other industries such as construction.

What is IoT and How Can it Be Used in Construction?

The Internet of Things is a broad term used to refer to the concept of a number of internet-capable devices being connected to each other across a shared network. This does not just mean PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets—there is a n ever-increasing number of different devices that can be used as parts of an IoT system.

In construction, IoT usually involves internet-connected sensor devices. These devices are typically installed at certain areas of a construction site, on certain pieces of equipment, and even worn by workers themselves. These devices can be used to monitor and collect data from the heart rates of employees to the temperature or movement of appliances. This data can be used for a variety of purposes.



For example, a device worn by a worker can detect decreases in heart rate linked to exhaustion, and flag these up to the foreman of the construction site in real time, who can then arrange for that worker’s task to be reassigned to another worker if alertness is important (for example, if the worker is operating machinery).

Using IoT for your construction company is highly recommended and can increase your profits as well as the safety and efficiency of your working procedures.

However, using IoT is not a magic replacement for developing effective procedures and getting your business sufficiently insured. Making sure you have the right contractors insurance is an essential guard against disaster, even if you are using IoT to reduce the chances of error or accidents.

So, what are some of the specific ways that IoT can benefit your construction company?

IoT Can Make Your Working Procedures Safer

As mentioned in the previous example, IoT devices can monitor worker activity in a way that enables managers to be alerted to any potentially unsafe conditions or events. IoT devices can even detect falls or damage, which can make sure that workplace accidents are responded to as quickly as possible.

IoT Can Offer More Accurate Maintenance Reports 

Because IoT devices can collect data such as temperatures and vibrations of machinery, they can also be used to detect potential maintenance issues before a human may be able to detect them. When it comes to carrying out maintenance audits and reports, the data collected by IoT devices can simplify and streamline this task as well as providing more accurate data.



IoT Can Make Resource Management More Effective

When it comes to resource management, IoT can increase management’s ability to remotely access and activate machinery as and when it is needed, rather than leaving all equipment running all of the time unnecessarily and wasting fuel or energy while idling.

IoT Can Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Because IoT can increase the safety of your working procedures and also reduce the energy consumption of machinery, this data can also be used to help you to renegotiate your insurance premiums, saving your company valuable money.