9 Habits in Technology that possibly will (or not) Better your Life



Everybody loves technology for one reason or the other. Important sites, such as Best Essay Help heavily rely on technology and, to an extent, explains the extent to which technology plays a central role in these modern days. As much as it is essential, it is necessary to build a healthy relationship with technology.

Here are some nine standard technology habits.

  • Be Mindful of your Data

Many people use the same password for all their accounts, which is very risky. Also, saving your passwords on your notepad either on the computer or phone. All this looks okay, while in the real sense, your data is not safe. It is wise not to access your accounts via one account like Facebook. Hackers are getting smarter, and they can access all your accounts using the Facebook account. Use extra checkmarks to protect your data like a 2-step authentication. Do not use your email to sign-up on websites that you will probably not use. And finally, avoid sharing your credit card number via text messaging platforms, use accounts like PayPal for money transactions.

  • Become Antisocial

Nowadays, not having a couple of social accounts is almost impossible. Being mindful of what we take in from them is, however, very crucial. Research has shown that excessive consumption of social media can lead to self-esteem issues, relationship, and mental health problems. The biggest, though, is being afraid to miss out as it stimulates our brains by the production of dopamine, which keeps us excited and eager to see or read more content. But, even with all the negatives, social media has created a vast market platform for small enterprises. Some platforms are also educative and beneficial.

  • Do not Waste or Want

An initiative like that of Apple to use renewable energy and to make their devices out of recycled plastic and tin is one of the steps towards a better world. Following the 4 Rs principle is a big step towards saving the world. Refuse low-priced devices, Reduce your technology life, Reuse if possible or repair if broken, and finally Recycle as envisioned.

  • Be Unavailable by Choice

Having our communication gadgets on us every time means that we are available at any given time. People enjoy the feeling of being relevant. But, a more significant percentage of the notifications add no value in our lives. It is good to turn off all the notifications that add no value to our lives but still distract us the most.

  • Know and Care More

It is essential to treat your gadgets carefully but also get to learn new stuff about them. Like, how harmless it is to charge phones overnight, leaving the laptop charger plugged even after the battery is fully charged or charging before the gadgets give you the charge signal. However, heat is a great enemy of batteries. Also, read the instruction manual to learn more about the gadget or research.

  • Delete any Digital Trash

With advanced technology, most files and data get stored digitally. The office spaces are clearing as the digital space clutters. It is crucial to delete data that is not needed. It keeps your work organized, and your gadget works at its optimum best.

  • Avoid using your Gadgets in Bed

The blue light interferes with sleep by interfering with the secretion of melatonin. App developers have created the dark mode option to help with that, although it is not 100% effective. Also, avoiding it is a bad idea because of bright light aids in concentration and intake of information. It is, therefore, essential to balance it out.

  • Try to Stand more Often

With the world shifting to technology impacts, people rarely stand. Most activities and jobs get done while sitting, and this is a concern.

Office workers have come up with ideas on how to change positions while still working, such as standing every hour and exercise breaks for workers.

  • Enjoy technology with no Trouble

Adjusting to technology needs patience setting your own ground rules. Technology is fun when we use it the right way. All that you need is to take it a step at a time and not putting rigid restrictions.


Technology makes our work more comfortable and enjoyable, and so we should not misuse it. Setting healthy boundaries and learning more about how technology works make it worthwhile.