9 Most Important Factors To Consider For A Good Neighbor Fence

Neighbor Fence

Neighbor Fence

Putting up a fence is more than just your home’s security. It affects you and your neighbor’s house appearance as well.

A good neighbor fence is necessary, especially if shared between two houses. There is a lot to consider, such as the materials, property lines, local regulations, and homeowners association requirements.

Putting up a fence requires thorough research. Understand how the process works. Get to know the nine most essential factors to consider for a good neighbor fence.

What To Consider Before Building A Good Neighbor Fence

Begin your journey of creating a good neighbor fence with the following factors.

Identify What You Want

Before you build a fence, ask yourself, ‘Why do you want a fence?’

Homeowners install a fence for various reasons. Keeping children and pets in the yard needs a basic chain-link fence. Meanwhile, a tall and solid fence is perfect for noise block and privacy.

You can build a fence for multiple reasons. Aside from the functional purpose, you want it to look aesthetically pleasing. With these reasons in mind, your one step ahead in getting a good neighbor fence.

Choose The Right Materials

You now have an idea of what fence type you prefer. Find out the right materials needed for it.

Every type of fence requires different materials, thus different maintenance needs. A wood fence warps and rots over time. It is susceptible to weather and termites. Therefore, occasional staining and sealing are needed.

Choose a lower maintenance type of fence. Vinyl looks like wood but doesn’t come with the same maintenance. Also try aluminum, steel, wrought iron, or bamboo. Just weigh the pros and cons of each material. Learn which suit best for a good neighbor fence you like.

Pick The Best Type of Fence

A good neighbor fence is not always pricey. Mixing different fence materials is more affordable. Besides, it adds interest to the landscape.

Do you want an appealing fence for keeping the kids and pets in the yard? A wood picket fence in front connected to a chain-link fence at the back is a perfect choice. It’s practical since it saves installation costs and reduces the amount of fence to be maintained by paint.


Research is always a must! Before you build a fence, understand the rules that encompass it. Don’t let your efforts go to waste because you didn’t follow the protocols. Removal and replacement of the entire fence is not a good scenario.

Inquire with the HOA and municipal building codes. Keep in mind the restrictions – look, height, or material. Also, ask how far the fence must be away from the sidewalk or property lines. Usually, it is a set back of 2 to 8 inches. Most importantly, secure a permit for the good neighbor fence.

Budget Is A Must

Allot a budget for the success of a good neighbor fence. With the type of fence and materials needed, canvas how much you’ll need.

Typically, the fence length, height, and wood type affect the fence price. Also, consider the costs of gates, hardware, and sealant. Don’t forget the costs of labor.

Consider The Environment

Think green whenever you put up a fence. Landscape your area for home protection. Add aesthetics like living walls of plants to the fence.

Remember to check the city or neighborhood rules. Don’t overgrow any restrictions to avoid trouble.

Evaluate The Climate

The weather is one of the most important factors to consider for a good neighbor fence.

A fence built in a warm and damp climate is susceptible to water damage. Instead of a wood fence, use vinyl instead. On the other hand, cold weather with regular frost cracks a fence in a snap. Avoid it by using concrete anchors for fence posts. Secure it at 36 inches deep. Wood, bamboo, and metal fences are also durable in cold weather.

Hire The Expert

With all things planned, seek professional help. Fence installation is harder than it looks.

Ensure the quality of a good neighbor fence from the local fence contractor. Ask examples of fence projects they have installed. Make sure to hire licensed companies that typically give bonds and insurance. Shop around different contractors and see how they get the work done professionally.

Add Personal Touch

Customize your fence according to your liking. Consider your home’s style.

Make it homey and friendly. Create a welcoming facade in your home by painting the fence with a contemporary color or plant flowers in front.

Remember to include the dress up in your good neighbor fence budget.

A good neighbor fence is a perfect addition to your home. Choose a fence type that fits perfectly with your purpose. Keep in mind the most important factors to consider when putting up a fence. Also, if you think you would need some ample advice in buying townhouses or house and lot properties via online, you can get help from professionals to make your ideal home realistic.