Does it matter where you register your domain name?

Domain Registration in Pakistan

Do many people have concerns about whether they should register the domain name with web hosting or not? Or is it even important where you register your PK domain name? Observing this confusion, we decided to help you with the matter by taking you through the various aspects of how the domain name is registered, the factors to consider, or the significance of the service provider.

We understand that you are launching your new website and you want everything to be perfect. Depending on your individual needs, purchasing your domain name from a web hosting company might be a great idea… However, this is not always the case.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this. Here are some reasons why you can and should not purchase a domain name from your web hosting business.

So, what is this fuss about?

Mainly it is the people launching their business for the first time. They need reassurance about the security of the web domain and hosting. One approach is to buy the domain from the same provider that is offering you web hosting. Otherwise, you can go for two separate domain and host providers. Although you are looking for Domain Registration in Pakistan, you will find that most providers offer different packages containing both hosting and domain.

Key factors to keep in mind when buying a domain

·         Price

So what’s the cheaper choice? Do you buy a domain name from a corporation that hosts the site or from a registrar that also offers cheapest domain reseller service?

Using the same company’s domain name and hosting saves you money, but all this depends on the company you choose.

·         Convenience

In most instances, the company can connect the domain name and hosting for you. This ensures that everything will be programmed to work together right out of the box.

Your website will be the only thing lacking — and even that is not guaranteed. Depending on the company you want to host your site with, they can even install a blank version of WordPress for you, which means you’ll only need to install a theme and a few plugins before you can start using your website.

If you want to purchase the domain name from a separate registrar, you’ll have to configure the domain and hosting yourself. Given, this isn’t a daunting job, and most companies’ support staff should be able to assist you, but you’ll have to do it yourself rather than having someone else do it.

In particular, having your domain name and hosting from the same company will be more convenient in the long term if you want to start a single website.

·         Data protection

In addition to disclosure, some registrars do not protect your details from being disclosed to third parties, such as marketing companies. Some registrars regularly use the WHOIS database to send out bogus renewal invoices, causing people to lose track of their domains. Find a registrar that assures that consumer information will never be sold or used for marketing purposes.

·         Ad-on and Extras

Registrars will sometimes attempt to “upsell” or “cross-sell” items that you do not need. They may, for example, recommend that you buy extra domain extensions that aren’t necessary (such as .info or .co). Alternatively, they can try to bundle your domain with a slew of other services you won’t use.

·         Transparency

Look for registrars who are open about their pricing and procedures. You should be able to quickly locate your renewal rates as well as the procedures for transferring or canceling your domain registration, for example. Some registrars offer low-cost registration for the first year but then charge exorbitant renewal fees the following year. They can also find it difficult for you to cancel your order. Look for a registrar that provides pricing details upfront.

Overall Dilemma of Domain Registration

You can register your domain via your host when you set up hosting for a website (most of the time). Having all of the website information in one location seems like a smart idea to a lot of people. You just have to remember one set of login credentials, and you can be assured that your host’s technical support team can ensure that everything is set up correctly.

You may, however, register your domain somewhere else and simply point it to your host for a couple of reasons.

·         Manage the registration of more than one domain together.

·         In case of a problem with the hosting provider, you only have to transfer it to another.

·         Safe from the hackers who try to access your website.

Bottom Line

However, we are only here trying to help you with the process. If you are wondering if it is beneficial to register a domain and hosting at one place or not, you must know your requirements for it.