Do Businesses need to use a VPN?



A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to hide the IP address of the device that you use to connect to the internet. Each device will have a specific IP address, however, when the VPN is running, a new IP address will be provided. A VPN is a great way to help your sensitive data stay protected and helps you avoid becoming a victim of a cyberattack.

2019 saw a massive increase in the number of people using VPNs. Approximately 480 million VPN services were downloaded. It seems like more people are understanding the importance of using a VPN when connecting a device to the internet.

Lots of VPN companies offer you a free trial version of their product, so you can try the VPN before you purchase the full version. If you are considering purchasing a VPN, check out this fantastic review at Fortune Lords to find out what are the best free VPN services available on the market.

Is it essential for businesses to use a VPN?

The initial reason VPN developers created the service was to protect large businesses from cyber attacks. Nowadays, small, medium and big companies often use VPNs to make sure that the people who have access to their resources and sensitive data are authorized to do so. A VPN also makes sure that the device being used is connected to the network through an encrypted channel.

When an employee works online without using a VPN it leaves the device vulnerable to a cyberattack. These cyberattacks are very common nowadays. You are more likely to have a device that is connected to the internet to experience a cyber attack than you are to be involved in a car accident, or your vehicle being physically broken into.

In 2018 hackers broke into Britain’s health service, the National Health Service, and attacked networks in hospitals all around the UK. The NHS was left with a massive IT bill to fix the issue and many important documents were lost.

Losing sensitive data to cybercriminals can be detrimental to a business. Employing a reputed VPN service can help your business from losing money and confidential data. A VPN will also help keep your employees safe while connected to a network.

Why do Employees need a VPN when they Work Remotely?

2020 has seen many employees work from remote locations due to the ongoing pandemic. Now, more than ever, using a remote VPN is crucial for a business to protect their sensitive documents from cyberattacks as lots of employees throughout the world work from home or other remote locations. Here are a few examples of why employing a VPN when working remotely is vital:

  • A VPN service will funnel all the traffic on the web through an encrypted channel which will prevent hackers from gaining access to the employee’s computer.
  • The VPN will provide the user with a new IP address that hides their real IP address, allowing the employee to go online anonymously.
  • Some websites and platforms have geo-blocking technology so they might not be able to access a blocked site or platform without using a VPN. Quality VPNs have servers all over the globe, so the employee will be allowed to choose which destination they want their device to be connected to.
  • A VPN will allow employees to access the company’s network so they can get the resources and data to help them carry out their tasks. This means they can get their job done without having to go into an office physically.
  • The VPN will give you the option of which employees can gain access to certain resources and data. For example, if an employee works in the advertising department, they won’t need access to the accounts department’s files.

With an increased number of employees working from remote locations, it seems like VPNs are a must for all businesses. A VPN will help a company’s confidential data stay protected and it also gives the employee peace of mind while connected to the internet.


If you are working from home and don’t use a VPN, perhaps it’s time to use the service. If you work for a company, maybe suggesting they should implement the service to help boost their privacy.

Cybercrime costs the global economy around $600 million per year. These huge sums of money that cybercriminals take can often bankrupt a business. In some cases replacing the sensitive stolen data might be impossible to replace.

Free VPN trials are a great way to experience the product, but purchasing a full VPN service is crucial in protecting your data on your device. There are a lot of free VPNs available, however, some of these often put your device at a higher risk than not using a VPN. Be sure to purchase a VPN from a reputable company to avoid further complications down the road.