DeVILBISS Air Compressor

DeVILBISS Air Compressor

DeVILBISS Air Compressor has been working for 120 years creating equipment for respiratory diseases that set the world standard.

Pulmo Aide and Pulmo Aide LT are the world’s best-selling DeVILBISS Air Compressor nebulizers for family use.

DeVILBISS Nebulizers provide treatment of compressed air free of oil and dust particles, (medical air), which used in conjunction with a disposable Micro Mist jet (nebulizer ampoule), or some permanent use type 800 D, Converts the liquid medication In aerosol composed of particles of 0 to 5 microns in diameter for inhalation into the respiratory tract of the patient, allowing the treatment of respiratory disease.

These kits can be used in adult or pediatric patients suffering from diseases such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive diseases, simple congestion, sinusitis, etc.

Rotary diaphragm compressor that achieves minimal vibration with the lowest noise level.

Double electrical insulation that guarantees that no electrical connection of the equipment is in contact with the chassis of the nebulizer that the user manipulates, guaranteeing total safety.

The Pulmo Aide compressor provides the most efficient treatment/time ensuring a constant flow curve throughout the application. The purity of the air entering the jet or nebulizer is ensured by an intake air system through a six-month durability particle filter.


  • Weight:  3.2 Kg.
  • Maximum Compressor Pressure:  30 Psi.
  • Air flow:  9 LPM.
  • Operating pressure: 12-18 Psi.
  • Sound level:  51 dBA.
  • Electrical requirement:  220V-50 Hz. Consumption 90 Watts.
  • Warranty:  1 year.
  • Approved under UL / CSA Standard.