Creative Ways to Promote Content with Carousel Ads

Statistics have proven that users prefer engaging and interactive content instead of stagnant posts. The content you create should reach out to customers and touch their hearts while offering them an experience. 

Unfortunately, still images that have been the centerpiece of visual marketing content don’t cut it anymore. Apart from videos, GIFs and slideshows, a new creative way of invoking customer emotions is by using Carousel Ads. 

Since it invokes emotions, the business will derive more profit because customer sentiment impacts revenue working in favor of the business. Content marketers can leverage these types of ads to make their brand known and widen their target audience reach. Here are creative ways to promote content with carousel ads.

Facebook Carousel size specifications

Although carousel ads are also found in different digital platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and others, Facebook is the most prominent channel for this marketing technique. When designing the content, it is exceptionally important to do everything according to the perfect size and amount. If things are off by only a few pixels, it could ruin the entire carousel ad. 

To avoid that, you need to understand the specifications of the pictures and videos that are used in carousel ads. With Facebook, all images and videos should have an aspect ratio of 1:1, which means all visual content should be square. 

The text you include should be limited to 125 characters and the headline only has a limit of 40. You can use from 2-10 cards and include video content that is up to 240 minutes; however, it is advisable to use short videos for this purpose.

Horizontal infographics

You can also promote content using horizontal infographics that work on all platforms, including Instagram and LinkedIn. Usually, the audience is used to vertical infographics, which have become the norm in the graphic design field. 

It is very efficient because it lets users read as they scroll down, but it is a different ball game when using it on carousel ads. 

Carousel ads allow users to swipe left and when viewing them, that requires the infographics to be horizontal when they are going to be used in this capacity. Designing horizontal graphics is very different and unique and will definitely grab the eyes of the target audience. 

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Once you have designed the content, it can be used in almost any platform that supports carousel ads. Instead of scrolling down, the customers will swipe left to see more details entailed in the infographic.

Take customers on a journey

Customers like journeys, even if that means doing so without even standing up. You can satisfy that urge the potential customers have by creating beautiful and captivating graphics that can be used on carousel ads. 

For example, travel agencies may take beautiful photos of the zones they service and then put together a great customer journey carousel ad. That reduces their customer acquisition cost which in return increased their RoI.

While restaurants can use this technique to promote their marketing content that depicts the product offers that they have. Some restaurants have chosen to use 3-4 images that depict the various stages of their dinner product offers. You can read a lot of interesting stories here Mimy Online.

In the first picture on the carousel ad, they will include the starters which will be followed by their main course serving and finally dessert. On the last image, they might even include an engaging visual of the beverage that pairs well with the dish they are marketing to you.

Storytelling using carousel ads

Everybody likes stories and businesses can leverage carousel ads to narrate their story. When customers get to know the brand in that way and hear their reason for existence, they will be pulled closer to the company. 

That is the beauty of storytelling. It gives you the power to touch the emotions of potential customers. With that being said, you should strive to create beautiful short videos that tell your story as a brand. 

While on the other hand, you could also tell the stories of customers that have used your products or services. For example, banks can use carousel ads to share short videos of how taking out a personal loan helped them when they needed it the most. 

The key thing to do here is telling stories that invoke emotions to get customer sentiments on the side of the business you are running.

Showcasing new products

Showcasing new products has been the most efficient way to use this marketing tool and has worked out for many businesses. You can promote the new content on the online shop of the brand you are running by showcasing them on carousel ads. 

Showing off a new product line could be all that your brand needs and can do tons of good to the marketing strategy you have in place. 

When it is seasonal change, clothing and apparel companies can benefit greatly by using these ads. They can include their entire range for summer, winter, autumn, and spring at the relevant times. 

That could lead to more conversions and online traffic on their site, benefitting the business greatly. You can offer customers a variety of options which might interest them more in the product offers you’re marketing to them.

Adding value to customers using carousel ads

Some businesses have found using carousel ads for how-to content very efficient in promoting their content. Informative videos and images with practical steps on DIY projects are very appealing when they are introduced as carousel ads. Easily customers can swipe through the short series of videos and have the capabilities of creating the things depicted on it. 

The information will appear progressively on the screens of the targeted audience and that could captivate them. Ensure that you create relevant content and not just redundant media that doesn’t add real value to the targeted audience. 

Martha Butler, digital marketing head for an coursework writing service that has mainly student audience, suggests marketers to remember that content marketing is not about hard-selling. She says, ‘’most of the time, it is rather aimed at keeping followers engaged. Depending on the audience you are targeting, how-to videos and pictures in a carousel ad can definitely do the heavy lifting of attracting more followers.’’

Featuring important articles and content with carousel ads

When you run an active blog with many different articles, it might benefit promoting the most selling pieces. Not all the pages you have uploaded on the blog will be efficient or please customers on a large scale. 

That makes it important to select the best articles and determine which are worthy of being the ones that grab the eyes of targeted individuals. 

The best way to do so is including the best articles on carousel ads you post on platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, especially. Featuring those articles on social media will increase the exposure of the content you post on the blog. 

Above that, new users might sign up to get updated newsletters, growing the email list you have exponentially. The best part is that the traffic will entirely be organic and your page can be shared easily on social media.

Using carousel ads to hear the voice of customers 

Nothing makes customers feel more important than making their voices heard. They feel more augmented into the business and it starts feeling more like an open community. 

That improves the customer experience dramatically, so consider using carousel ads for this purpose. These ads can also be very effective for gathering different types of data by asking questions or creating polls. 

You can include a “send a message” button to help customers reach you easily, helping you accept recommendations and complaints. As a brand, you can also ask for the opinion of customers by creating a poll of two products you offer. 

With this, you will see what customers prefer but you will also meaningfully engage the customers. The targeted audience will learn a lot about the products you offer and about your brand as a whole.

Featuring beautiful panoramic images

They say pictures speak a thousand words and using them has been effective for a very long time in marketing. Developments in smartphones have made the panoramic shot option more easily accessible. 

To use this great feature in the content marketing strategy you have on your mind, use carousel posts. Carousel images can beautifully integrate the use of horizontally extended pictures and make them look very appealing. 

In this case, Instagram is the platform of choice and it’s not confusing why, as this social media channel is the leader in visual content. Use this social media channel to its fullest by posting panoramic pictures in the form of a carousel. 

When customers swipe left and get to see more, they will be attracted to what they see and engage in the post. Invest in taking beautiful panoramic shots that will feature well with carousel ads on Instagram and other social media channels.

Don’t forget adding an effective copy

Although carousel ads are primarily visual, you should also add some effective copy to incite a better response from potential customers. That copy could range from anything between an effective call to actions and other written content. 

Be sure to capitalize on the little characters you can add as part of the description, title and anywhere else you can include text. 

Use effective keywords and words that will beautify the carousel ad you are posting. Ensure that the content is relevant to the visual content, whether video or photos and be sure that it is accurate. 

The copy you write should work on bringing together the photo or video you are posting and the message you are trying to send through. Don’t forget to write a captivating caption if you are using carousel posting on Instagram.

The bottom line

Carousel ads are one of the best marketing strategies that can be used on digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Add an effective copy to the beautiful images you have set up for this purpose to improve the audience’s experience. 

You can use panoramic images on Instagram that can create a slideshow effect. Using this feature to tell the story of your brand can also lead to a higher engagement rate on the content you post. Short videos can also be great for this kind of marketing technique because they engage the audience to a fuller extent.