Complete Overview of CompTIA Network+ Certification and Benefits It Can Give You

If you work in the field of Information Technology and are trying to get certified, you will meet many people who recommend obtaining a CompTIA credential. CompTIA is one of the most reputable companies out there as far as its certifications are concerned. It is a non-profit organization that offers numerous certificates, one of which isNetwork+. This is an entry-level credential that is designed to test the candidate’s skills as a network technician. Please note that a minimum of 9 months of experience is recommended if you want to ace the associated exam with flying colours and earn the badge. Getting CompTIA A+ may help you with this, but you also need to gain expertise in the areas that will form the content of the whole test.

There is even more that you need to know about Visit Prepaway Home Page Here CompTIA Network+ and its N10-007 exam. In this post, we will try to cover as many details as possible. Let’s get to know this credential better.

CompTIA Network+: Main Benefits

No matter what credential you are pursuing, it is always important to make sure that you know the benefits it guarantees. Without the advantages, there is no point in going for a certificateifit is nothing but a piece of paper for you.

CompTIA is a very popular certification vendor and is respected in many fields. Getting COMPTIA Network+ can be great for your IT career because a lot of companies prefer to hire the holders of this certificate. Once you have it, you can apply to many organizations, as well as be able to earn a better salary. When the employers seethe CompTIAbadge on your resume, they understand that you’re a specific person who knows what he/she is doing. It becomes easier to trust your skills and level of expertise and make you a valuable asset fortheir IT firm.

CompTIA Network+: Exam Overview

The first thing you need to know is that if you want to obtain CompTIA Network +, you must first pass the Exam-labs N10-007 test. It is important to know about its format, number of questions, and other important details before taking this certification exam. Therefore, please note that you will have 1 hour 30 minutes to answer about 90 performance-based and multiple-choice questions. Of course, some of them will be easier than others, so time management will be a very important part of the process. Start with the easiest questions first because this will give you more time to spare for more difficult ones. The pass mark for this test is 720 points on a scale of 100-900, so it is recommended that the students attempt all the questions. The available languages are German, English, and Japanese. The exam fee is $329.

The only trick is that passing the N10-007 test can be difficult. The CompTIA exams are known for their complexity, so if you want to take your test at the first attempt, you need to make sure that you have a firm study plan. There are various topics that you should include in it:

  • Networking Concepts (23%);
  • Network Operations (17%);
  • Infrastructure (18%);
  • Network Troubleshooting and Tools (22%);
  • Network Security (20%).

In order to get good marks, you need to cover all these objectives properly and try to attempt all the questions during the real exam. By taking practice tests,you will be very good at managing time, which will play an important role in CompTIA N10-007.

CompTIA Network+: Exam Preparation

To explore all the exam topics, the students need to work hard and spend most of their time studying. One problem that a lot of people encounter when it comes to preparing for their certification test is that they are unable to find the right study materials. However, that is not going to be a problem with CompTIA. If you go to the official website, you will find the links to many resources that you can use to prepare for your exam.

You can opt for virtual labs, study guides, video lectures, and instructor-led courses to prepare wisely. No matter what resource you use, you should always take practice tests. This is because they will give you a clear idea of the exam content. With this preparation tool, the applicants can clearly see the areas where they are weak, and then improve them.


In recent years, the world has seen a surge in demand for the IT professionals. In particular, networking is one of those aspects of IT that many companies tend to focus on. The main reason for this is that proper networking solutions make the process within any organization easier. To ensure smooth operation, these companies need the qualified specialists who can solve any problems that may arise. Obtaining the CompTIA Network + certificate will allow anyone to get one of these job roles. Earning this credential will not be easy, but with all the hard work, it will certainly pay off.

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