Comparium : Automated Website Testing Tool

Automated Website Testing Tool

Automated Website Testing Tool

Imagine you are creating a website with the use of the top quality framework and you will get the best design philosophies out. However, at the same time if your website looks different on a PC and a smartphone? So, a website testing tool comes into role. Hey! We are not telling about any type of compatibility.

With the website testing tool, you can check how the site looks really across all different platforms. Well, we have brought a tool that will be helpful for you. With this, you can time as well as money on quality analysis with the use of Comparium testing tool. Being said that, you may use this tool to test how your site functions on various platforms without loading up sites.

With the advanced tool, you don’t need to test out each combination of browser and operating system manually. Save your time with this app and just simply submit the test address of the web page and collect the results. With the help of Comparium, you may not only have any chance to obtain the outcomes within moments. Moreover, you will get the screenshots of the website testing framework.

With the 1st version of this incredible tool, the user can perform web testing on different browsers and OS as per your requirements. Presently, when we talk about supporting browsers for this tool are given below:

With the above-mentioned browsers, the user can do cross-browser testing and achieve the real outcome. Additionally, this tool performs and offers impeccable website testing on a different platform with the optional choice. Straightforwardly, you can get access to any type of famous OS, browser version, and browser and leave it up to this tool to perform this work with ease.

Automated Website Testing Tool

Automated Website Testing Tool

It comes with the support on many OS now a day, such as Linux and 7, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, as well as Windows 10.

Comparium has been launched 1st version for the users who want to test their website with ease. This version is interactive and easy to use for new site developers. Well, this tool believes that improvement is an integral part of life, so they are always seeking plenty of relevant features that can be executed in the next versions. When we talk about the 1st version, you can expect that it is fully functional as well as released online. It is free to access; but, some extra features may require the need to buy at affordable prices. As the company will not provide access to API in this version, but you may enjoy extra features in the future.

If you are seeking a website testing portal that can assist you in keeping track of the performance of websites, Comparium is a one-stop solution for your all needs. It enables you to test a site via multiple platforms within a second without any hassle or manual work.

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